Tuesday, April 24th, 2020

Vikki’s astounded to hear that Alyssa’s giving Adam a ‘free pass’ because he was just a boy when he killed her Father. How can you defend a man who manipulated you and threatened your career? How do you know Adam doesn’t remember what happened?

Back in the boardroom, Summer lays into Theo – Jack gave you the same opportunity he gave Kyle. He’s not enjoying this – your friendship actually meant something to him. You wanted everything he had; his job, Lola, me once upon a time. Kyle appears in the doorway looking mopey.

Jack ends a call to rejoin Phyllis to pick up their chat about the younger generation learning lessons. She’s learned that people who blow their own horn like Theo just want to be heard. He’s a good person, Jack maintains.

In the boardroom, Theo’s happy to be relieved of a suffocating job. Without malice, Kyle wishes him good luck. You too, Theo leaves Summer to hope she and Kyle can gloat just a little bit now.

Adam might not remember but Victor does – he hopped on his jet the moment Hope called him. Adam was white as a sheet when he arrived. He had George move AJ’s body. It didn’t take much convincing for the coroner to go along with the lie. Adam finds it implausible that his Mother would bake a pie. Victor has an answer for that too – your Mother didn’t want to take you to the funeral, lest your memory be jarred in church.

Jack’s pleased that Phyllis has found her niche at TGP and equally pleased to hear that she and Nick are giving it another go. If you’re happy I’m happy. He then gets a call – what’s the hold-up? Bones? (related to construction going on in Washington)

Now back at the suite, Summer’s impressed that Kyle was able to wish Theo good luck (but skeptical that he’s sorry about it) Kyle now wants to get to work but Summer has other ideas ~kiss~

Vikki declares Adam a lying bastard, not a young innocent boy who deserves compassion. She despises what he’s done to her family. He killed your Father and will destroy you if you let him.

Adam wonders why his Mother didn’t treat him differently after he supposedly killed AJ. She didn’t want you to remember (and Victor supported that) Adam has evidence that Victor killed AJ; the coroner’s confession, a money trail that leads to you. Victor’s decided that the story has to come out now, and that’s on Adam.

Jack tells Phyllis that his construction crew in Washington dug up some bones – it’ll take weeks to determine if the site will become an archaeological dig. Thanking Jack, Phyllis walks off to mull over an idea – bones.

It’s just you and me, forever, Summer and Kyle hit the sheets.

Still at Jabot, Theo calls Lola to say he just got fired from Jabot. It’s OK, nothing to worry about. I miss you. Call me. I need one of your goofy pep talks. It’s my birthday.

Vikki will make sure Alyssa’s story gets published. She refuses – my Father was killed by my childhood friend. I don’t want anything more to do with it, she grabs her bag and leaves.

Victor knows Adam was always looking for unconditional love and doesn’t keeping this secret prove that. If this story comes out, you’ll carry it with you forever – there’s no way back. We’ll see, Adam says as he leaves.