Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

Chelsea’s at Sharon’s to inform that she and Adam have decided that he doesn’t need therapy. Why isn’t he there himself? Never mind, just accept and respect that this is a mutual decision.

Victor’s at the penthouse to say the it’s a good thing that Adam doesn’t remember killing AJ – your brain protected you and enabled you to live a normal life. Impressive, really, he mumbles.

Traci’s determined to find their old family movies – to give Dina her life back (if only in memories) Perhaps we should have Theo over. Jack assures that his nephew is welcome; he doesn’t cut family off like Victor. That’s a fine segue to Vikki being in charge at Newman, and about to make a move that will solidify her position, Jack claims.

When Vikki drops by Chancellor Communications, Billy congratulates her and is intrigued to hear that her situation has evolved. Good, shut the door, Vikki’s mysterious.

Adam whines that his siblings will hold his secret over his head. Victor will take care of them. He then takes a call – what is this about??

It’s one helluva risk, Billy can’t give an answer right now. Discuss it with Lily but we both know you’re going to say yes, Vikki leaves confident.

As Phyllis awakens from a nap in bed, Nick wheels in a table with domed plates of bacon, chocolate croissants other favourites. He took his mission to create the perfect escape seriously. And she plans to take her escape club on a test run.

Good Lord, if Vikki follows through …. Amanda’s at Chancellor to discuss Vikki’s proposal; which Billy knows will put NE back on the map for sure. It would mean Newman vs Newman, never a safe place to be, Billy has indeed run it by Lily. Vikki’s on a roll – this will happen in an hour.

Sharon suggests that Adam might find regaining his memory healing. Chelsea claims to be the expert on him – and what he needs is to stop obsessing and leave the past in the past. Otherwise, it will destroy him.

Nikki’s at Newman Towers (and on the phone with Victor) Vikki’s setting up for a press conference. Victor heard that. She’s not taking his calls – find her and make sure she doesn’t divulge what she knows about Adam.

As Nick wheels the table out of the way, Phyllis sighs with contentment. He then gets a call from a reporter – seems Vikki’s having a press conference. I won’t be long, he bolts.

Jack doesn’t think old, dilapidated movies will help matters. Traci insists that it’s important and will prove him wrong. Jack excuses himself to get a call from Vikki – everything’s on track. He’s sure she will check every box ~click~ Wishing Traci good luck with her search, he leaves her puzzled.

Sharon warns that Adam’s memories could come rushing back at once – it was very traumatizing the last time (with flashbacks of Delia) He can’t handle any more pressure, Chelsea frets – then gets a call from Adam – who worries that Vikki’s press conference is to announce that he killed AJ.

Nikki marches into Vikki’s office to hope that she’s not about to reveal personal family matters. It will cause your Father terrible legal problems, and tarnish the company and family. Cancel it! No, Vikki knows what’s best for the company and family and won’t change her mind.

If we don’t do this someone else will, Billy’s fully onboard but if Amanda isn’t, will call Vikki and cancel.

Nikki’s in the TGP lounge to share her concern that Vikki plans to out Adam at a press conference. Maybe she wants to send her Father a message. Let’s pull out our phones, Nick does just that.

As Sharon finds the live stream to Vikki’s press conference on her laptop, Chelsea looks horrified as she debates leaving.

Adam and Victor watch on TV at the penthouse.