Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

You’re up early, Rey comes down to hear that Sharon slept well and is awaiting Adam. He has faith that she can help him. Before he goes, he has something to ask of her.

Adam’s anxious but glad that Chelsea changed her mind on him working with Sharon. He needs to know what happened – hopefully, he can get answers today.

Jack comes home to find Traci going through boxes Marcel sent from Paris. Hopefully, she’ll find the home movie Dina wants to see.

Nikki finds Victor reading news online of Vikki’s announcement – photos of her shaking hands with Billy and Jack; celebrating their deal. Nikki sees the bright side – Vikki can invest the money in Newman’s core departments. Victor grumbles – this is payback. He’s going for a ride. Nikki’s left to answer a call from Vikki. Come to the office, we have unfinished business.

With Ashley off to take care of business, Jack knows she’s just as happy with Vikki’s deal. Sometimes the heavens smile down upon you. We get to eliminate a competitor and obtain valuable patents. Off to his business meeting, Jack cautions Traci not to be disappointed if Dina doesn’t respond to the movies. Traci hopes it will give her peace.

Chance and Abby are at the park discussing Vikki selling off divisions. She doesn’t want to get in between her sister and Father. Chance knows how she feels about Adam but can’t just put their friendship aside.

Chelsea warns Adam not to be too optimistic – or put too much pressure on himself. We’ll take it one day at a time. Sharon’s waiting for you, she sends him off and is left to sigh with worry.

Rey wants Sharon to be assertive with Adam – take breaks if you need to. She gives her word that she won’t push herself too hard. I’ll let you get to it, he leaves.

Chance heard Abby when she said the man he helped in Vegas doesn’t exist anymore but Adam risked his life to save mine. A crime was covered up, chaos and crime follows Adam but Abby respects Chance wanting to help Adam – she won’t let it come between them.

At Sharon’s, Adam confirms that she’s feeling OK. This day is about you, she invites Adam to sit. He’s done some research online about hypnosis. We’ll just talk today – take is slow and simple, Sharon asks what he remembers about the farm; what life was like – paint me a picture.

Vikki thanks her Mom for coming. No, she’s not thinking of selling off the real estate division (which Nikki runs well) She wants to discuss her division and needs a strong right hand; a COO who can step right into the role – I need you.

Sring at the farm was Adam’s favourite time – everything comes alive after a harsh winter. Mom loved tulips; their petals felt like velvet. A typical day? She woke Adam up at sunrise to do chores, then he caught the bus for school. His favourite subject in 5th grade? Gym. After playing soccer with friends, he went home to do homework while Mom cooked dinner. Did the routine change when AJ died? Sharon asks.

Chance is at the penthouse to ask Chelsea how Adam is. You’re concerned about him? surprised, she tries to shrug it off. How bad is it? Chance isn’t fooled.

Yes! Traci’s fooled to find a movie reel in a box.

Abby approaches Jack at Society to ask about Vikki’s recent decisions. Yes, she was angry at Victor – but wanted to make a strong statement about her leadership. Getting a text, Jack invites Abby back to the house to see what Traci found.

Nikki’s quite content heading up real estate. Vikki’s persistent – this would be good for both of us. And would it be good for your Father too? Nikki accuses her of shutting Victor out. Look me in the eye and tell me you’re not trying to provoke him.

Vikki swears that she’s offering Nikki the COO position because she’d be good in the role. Sure, Dad won’t like it but you can make your own decisions. Vikki would be proud to have two strong Newman women running the company. It’s not that simple, Nikki opines. Are you in or out? Vikki asks.

Jack and Abby at the house, Traci’s sure that this is the movie Dina wants them to see. She hung on to it all these years. Having set up a projector and screen, Traci informs that Ashley can’t make it. Jack thinks the three of them should preview the movie before showing it to Dina.

Back at the penthouse, Chance explains to Chelsea that he chose to keep Adam’s secret because he was happy in Vegas. We looked out for each other. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for him. If Adam needs a friend, I’m here.

Everything was normal until AJ died, Adam can’t remember who told him that AJ was dead. He felt sad for Alyssa (able to relate because Cliff died) His routine was the same – Hope was the same. But we didn’t attend the funeral. Sharon tries to get Adam to remember more. He vividly recalls his Mother baking a pie – there was no sense of guilt of that anything was wrong – how was that possible? I killed the man. Adam wants to remember it all right now – we can do this.

Jack, Traci and Abby dim the lights and watch the movie. John’s voice introduces their first child – baby Jack. Holding her baby, Dina smiles. John talks about what he wants for his son; what’s truly important, love and family – not money and power.

Adam’s frustrated – I must be doing something wrong. Sharon knows patience isn’t one of his virtues. Memories can’t be forced. That’s it for today. Realizing she’s tired, Adam apologizes and thanks Sharon. I’ll be in touch, he exits.

Nikki’s home to ask Victor how his ride was. Good but not a damn thing’s changed – a betrayal is still a betrayal. And where has Nikki been? With Vikki – she asked me to be her COO. I said yes. Victor turns to scowl.

The lights now on, Jack comes down to say that Dina’s resting. She had tears in her eyes when watching the movie but shut down afterwards and didn’t react. He’s emotional at how proud his Dad was to bring his newborn home. Jack doesn’t think Dina wanted to watch the movie – she wanted them to be reminded that love and family are all that matters.

Rey comes home to watch Sharon napping on the sofa.

When Adam comes home, Chelsea asks how it went with Sharon. Nothing happened, he reports. Chelsea thinks it for the best – maybe you shouldn’t be in therapy. No, Adam won’t stop until he remembers the whole damn ugly truth.

Aren’t you going to say anything? Nikki asks. Yes, congratulations, Victor considers it good news. Now he’ll be able to know what’s going on at Newman. No, Nikki won’t be his eyes and ears; she’ll do her job and not take sides. He’s sure there will come a time when Nikki will have to.