Monday, August 17th, 2020

Sharon had a heavy conversation with Adam. Rey spoke to Nick – he told him about your cancer. What could have been so important? Adam found out about a tragic childhood experience he can’t remember. Rey’s unimpressed to hear that Sharon’s going to help him.

Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Chelsea’s also unimpressed to hear that Adam needs Sharon’s help as opposed to hers. Sure, she’s a professional but that’s not the only reason you went to her.

Surprised to find Lola at Society, Kyle welcomes her home from Miami. The place hasn’t been the same without you. Thanks, Lola returns his smile. Theo’s also there, plotting on his phone – they won’t see it coming.

Phyllis enters her suite to hear the bath running (and that Nick’s set up a perfect escape for her; a spa day with all sorts of essential oils etc.)

Whispering into his phone, Theo thanks whomever he’s talking to. If you can help me pull this off, I’ll take care of you.

Still at the bar, Kyle remembers how much fun Lola had before launching Society. Yeah, well, Miami wasn’t fun, she claims.

Mariah arrives as Theo hangs up – causing trouble again? Hopefully, not for Lola, she warns. Let her settle back in before she has you to deal with.

If you ever want to run anything by me … Kyle offers a fresh take. Theo appears arms outstretched – welcome home, Lola. She smiles widely.

Phyllis comes out in a white robe – that bath melted her stress away. Good, Nick needs her relaxed for what’s next. Check your phone; a link to a new video game based on digging up dinosaur bones.

Sharon’s always understood you better than anyone else, Chelsea’s sarcastic. How can Adam open up to someone he doesn’t know or trust? Chelsea’s pissed – you need Sharon and she loves to be needed. That’s what you two do. This is a mistake!

Joining Kyle, Mariah observes him craning his neck – guessing it’s driving him crazy that he can’t eavesdrop on Lola and Theo in the kitchen. He admits to having mixed feelings about them and is surprised that Theo told Mariah that he was fired. She now sees the side of Theo that Lola does. Kyle only wants Lola to be happy – yes, even if it’s with Theo.

Rey doesn’t understand why Sharon needs to be the one to help Adam. He’s too guarded to talk to anyone else, Sharon can’t go into details but is a unique position to help him. Rey wants Sharon to focus on her health and worries she’ll place Adam’s needs above hers.