YR Spoiler; Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Nick reminds Kyle that he recently swore that Lola was the love of his life – is it really over or are you trying to convince yourself of that?

Phyllis doesn’t dislike Abby – you have a lot of potential and are ambitious. But you need to stop hiding behind your money and deal with the real world. Phyllis wants to win. She’s never been given anything and has worked for everything. Abby thinks that a bunch of nonsense.

Is Lola really out of your heart? Nick asks. Yes, Kyle is devoted to Summer. He won’t blow this second chance. That’s what Nick wanted to hear.

Theo appreciates Lola’s support. She’s sure he’ll get this job. Don’t go anywhere, with a coy smile she goes into the kitchen.

You don’t need the money or any of this, Phyllis knows Abby has more money than some countries. Abby denies she’d ever go to her rich families to bail her out – Society and this hotel are a success because of ME. I left the family business to show everyone what I’m capable of. I’ve been crushing it. Keep doubting me – all that does is feed my fire.

Amanda would ask herself if the chemistry is right – can Theo take Power Communications to new heights – can he be trusted? Thanking her for the talk, Billy now knows what to do about Theo.

Kyle’s at Society to have another civil conversation with Theo. Hoping things will work out, he’d put in a good word with Billy – but you probably want to do this without outside influence. After Kyle saunters over to the bar (as Theo gets a call from Billy) He talked to the lawyers – the divorce should be finalized soon. Good luck with everything. Even Theo? Yes – Kyle just hopes he doesn’t hurt her like he did. No one can hurt me like you did, Lola will never let that happen again. She’s not careless with her heart anymore. Tell Theo I said bye, Kyle exits. She then goes over to hear that Theo got the job.

Confirming that her push for Billy to hire Theo was because of his smile, hair and charisma, Amanda’s left in charge at the office. Hot date? Yes, he’ll be partying all night long – with his kids. Amanda’s left to smile.

Theo’s exactly where he wants to be, doing exactly what he wants to do; hard work. The New York trip will have to be postponed. Lola wants to cancel it altogether – take me out on a simple date. Great, Theo agrees – there’s no telling what two creative people can create – together.

Good luck with your latest scheme, Abby tells Phyllis then brushes past Nick on her way out. Phyllis was on the fence about telling him what’s going on but has an assignment for Nick – if you’re up to it.

Next week: Did you have a bad dream? Chelsea asks. Adam’s anxious; it was a memory – voices. It’s happening – it’s coming back to me … Summer’s enjoying wine in the park with Kyle – I’d say I couldn’t be happier, but I could be happier, she causes him to frown … Phyllis has planned a unique experience for each one of you, based on your own personalities and desires. Nikki, Elena, Summer, Abby, Amanda, Lily and Traci are gathered in The Grand Phoenix lobby.