Thursday, August 27th, 2020

When a disheveled Jack loudly arrives home to apologize if he woke anyone up, Traci smiles knowingly – did you just come home?

Theo’s ordered breakfast while Lola was in the shower. Knowing it’s the first time she’s spent the night with anyone since Kyle, he thought she might want to talk. No, Lola has to get to work – Theo can help by finding her bra.

Mariah arrives at Society to express disapproval that Summer’s looking for houses online on Lola’s turf. Since your dreams have all come true, why not spare a thought for the person who got crushed in the process? Summer couldn’t help getting an alert on her phone and Kyle didn’t mean to rub it in. Mariah believes him but clearly not Summer (who she glares at before stomping off)

Phyllis has summoned Nick to TGP for some big news. This is some serious build-up, his curiosity is piqued.

Nick’s blown away by the number of confirmed memberships to Phyllis’ escape club. How did you do it? She told everyone to keep it confidential – but leaked it. Everyone wants to be part of something exclusive. Tooting her own horn, Phyllis sees no need to be modest. Given partial credit, Nick’s not modest either. Both head upstairs to celebrate their brilliance.

Teased about his ‘walk of shame’, Jack tells Traci that he was up working late at Jabot. That said he did get Dina’s message (and his Dad’s advice via the old home movies) He’s ready to shift his focus from work to play.

In the kitchen, it doesn’t take Mariah long to worm the info out of Lola that she spent the night with Theo. Mariah won’t judge; Lola’s opinion is the only one that matters.

Summer grumbles; Lola’s fine with us moving on with our lives. She took the high road – that’s who she is, but Kyle points out that doesn’t mean she’s not hurting. That’s none of Mariah’s business, Summer adds that Lola’s moving on with Theo. Grudgingly, she agrees that a little discretion wouldn’t hurt.

Back in the kitchen, Lola claims she had so much fun. Mariah’s unconvinced. Sex with someone you aren’t committed to is a different experience, Lola admits she’s not quite comfortable with it. Mariah’s supportive – Just because you said yes, doesn’t mean you can’t say no in the future. It’s YOUR call.

Strapping her shoes back on, Phyllis may have fed Nick’s ego to get him into her suite – but seriously, she does appreciate him believing in her idea and convincing the ladies to attend.

Jack’s surprised to come downstairs to find Theo. He’s pleased that his nephew came to visit Dina and that he got the job at ChanceCom. Hearing about the ‘message’ Jack received, that love is more important than work, Theo suddenly has somewhere he needs to be.

Phone in hand, Phyllis reports that a new member just signed up for the biggest package – it’ll be fun creating an escape for this woman. Phyllis can’t divulge her client list – but being married to Victor, Nikki deserves an escape. Hearing that Nick got into it with his Dad last night, Phyllis guesses he’s Victor’s obsessing over Adam. You need to realize that your relationship with your Father will never be repaired.