Friday, August 28th, 2020

At home, Rey isn’t thrilled that Sharon’s a ‘bit groggy’ after her trip to Kansas, her concern for Adam’s state of mind, or that she feels the trip was worth it.

Adam comes home to apologize for taking off as soon as Chelsea brought him home from the airport – his mind is spinning. That’s what Chelsea feared – but in time…. This isn’t going away, he disagrees.

Billy’s on the phone playing hardball when Jack drops by ChanceCom to see his little brother’s new digs. So this is just ‘a hang’? Uh yes – let’s hang, Jack clearly isn’t up on the hip kid’s jargon like Billy is.

Answering Victor’s call, Sharon thanks him for lending her the jet. He thanks her for what little information he gets about Adam. Having deposited the kids in the games room, Vikki appears to say she doesn’t think she and her Father have anything to discuss.

Both surprised that Vikki sold parts of Newman to them, Jack and Billy joke about Victor provoking her. No way he can hit a reset button this time.

Victor approves of Vikki’s recent business decisions; including promoting Nikki to the COO position. See?We still have common ground.

Chelsea spouts optimism and support; Connor and I aren’t going anywhere and Adam mustn’t leave either. Everything you need is here – this is where you belong. As she goes upstairs to check on Connor, Adam agonizes.

Jack’s impressed that Billy has purpose and focus; a lightness he hasn’t seen in a long time, for what that’s worth. Jack’s opinion is worth a lot to Billy.

Rey jokes about enjoying chicken pot pie at a diner in Kansas while Sharon was dealing with Adam at the farm. She appreciates him being her back up. That’s just it though – Rey doesn’t want to be Sharon’s back up – he wants to be her partner.

Adam flashes back to overhearing Victor reassure Hope that she won’t lose her little boy – he and George will take care of it. Hope tearfully reports that ‘Victor’ seemed calm after killing AJ – disconnected. Chelsea comes down to ask Adam what’s wrong. He now realizes what his parents knew all along; the type of person he’s always been.

When Rey speculates from a police perspective, that Adam may have done something as a boy that he couldn’t be held accountable for, Sharon’s aghast that he’s looking at it as a case to be solved. Are you saying there wasn’t a crime? Rey’s just trying to help. Don’t go down this path, just drop it, Sharon snaps.

Yes, Victor supports his daughter being CEO. He accused her of being spiteful in the heat of the moment. and misjudged Vikki selling parts of NE to the Abbotts. The ‘common ground’ doesn’t extend to Victor’s need to help Adam. He insists he’d do the same for any of his kids; Adam’s my flesh and blood.

Hope didn’t think you were born violent, Chelsea believes Adam’s jumping to conclusions. AJ threatened me too, Adam wasn’t just protecting his Mother. Chelsea doesn’t understand why he insists on making himself the villain – he was justified in killing AJ to protect himself and his family. How would you feel if Connor killed someone? Adam knows she’d be scared to death he wouldn’t turn out normal.

Jabot’s in good hands – Jack finds taking care of his Mother more complicated. He then relays Dina’s message that love is more important than success. There’s someone out there for him – and Billy too. Still dispensing advice, Jack’s thrown out when Billy has to answer a conference call. It was a good ‘hang’ though.

If, God forbid, Connor killed someone, Chelsea would support him. AJ’s death was an accident. No, I hated him, Adam is indeed a killer. What about Delia? Sure, it was an accident but I covered it up – and then there’s what he did in Vegas. Chelsea won’t accept that Adam’s a killer – I wish you had as much faith as I do.

Sharon didn’t exactly tell Rey to shut up – but her work with Adam isn’t a police matter. Rey’s instincts tell him that a crime was committed but he’ll try to back off. He doesn’t agree that this will all be worth it and thinks Sharon should reevaluate.

Vikki sees Victor’s relationship with Adam as a warped cycle that she and her other siblings are collateral damage in. She’s still pissed that he replaced her with Adam. Excuse me, I have a company to run, she slams out.

Adam doesn’t feel himself worthy of Chelsea’s rationale. I could have called the police, egged his house – kid stuff. When AJ was bleeding on the ground I didn’t call for help – I carried on with my day. Tell me I’m wrong, he challenges Chelsea.

Rey again reminds Sharon that she’s recovering from a major operation. This stress isn’t good for you. She thinks he should know all about going ‘above and beyond’ and that he’d help the victim of a crime the same way she’s helping Adam. Rey points out that she involved Victor and sidelined Chelsea. And this is after just one therapy session.

Following up on what he joked about with Billy, Jack’s on the phone ordering a big thank-you floral bouquet for Victor. Scratch that – send the flowers to my Mother – with a card that reads ‘love above all else’. Looking pleased with himself, Jack hangs up and gets on the elevator.

Nice work everyone, Billy ends his teleconference to read his announcement aloud – ‘Amanda Sinclair named general counsel at Chancellor Communications’

Sharon thanks Rey for being more open than he usually is. She’s committed to helping Adam. No matter what? No matter what. Declining dinner, Rey will be working late. He’s not angry, he’s frustrated. Why can’t Adam let someone else save him? More importantly, why can’t you? he leaves Sharon to think.

You’re a good man, Chelsea continues to try convince Adam. The doorbell rings and both are surprised that Victor’s dropped by.