Monday, August 31st, 2020

Connor in the game room, Chelsea updates Nikki that Victor’s at the penthouse with Adam. Nikki hopes Victor can straighten Adam out and that this sleepover doesn’t lead to two nights, or twenty – or the end of Chelsea and Adam.

At TGP, Phyllis and Nick are suspicious; you have something to say, just say it. Yes, we have something to tell you, Kyle beings. You’re engaged. Pregnant. Oh God, both, Nick and Phyllis are alarmed.

Adam now remembers Victor asking his Mother to keep an eye on him; worried I’d hurt someone else. No, Victor was worried about how Adam would deal with the traumatic event. Perhaps we were wrong, Victor admits – but you can now choose to seek help yourself. You have to deal with this. Adam doesn’t need to be told what to do. Alright, Victor moseys out without another word.

There’s no wedding or baby, Summer announces that she and Kyle are moving in together. Phyllis seems relieved. Your Father and I want you to be happy. Nick wants Kyle to be divorced first. IS it ‘just paperwork’? Summer follows her Dad to the bar – talk to me. Nick’s proud that he removed himself from the conversation. It’s your life. There’s more, Summer has to say.

Opening his front door, an emotional Adam’s surprised to find Sharon.

Phyllis only approves of Summer moving in with Kyle so she can catch him if he visits his ex. Screw my daughter over and I’ll concoct a new drink for TGP. The Kyle Abbott will be the weakest drink we have.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Summer thinks her idea might be a good way to get things back on track – she and Kyle want to move into the house Nick built for them when they got married. Don’t sell it to strangers, sell it to us. Nick can’t be excited about this reconciliation; worried Summer will be hurt again. She credits Kyle with how happy she is.

Lola serves Theo some calamari and an apology for overreacting. She’s never had an ex-husband and can’t help but wonder when Kyle decided their marriage was a mistake. Theo can take her venting about Kyle; he’s done plenty of that himself – to her. Thank you, she smiles in appreciation.

Nikki denies she’s predicting Chelsea and Adam’s break up. Suspecting Nikki’s still mad that she hurt Nick, Chelsea’s too tired to fight and will take Connor to the club for the night. Wait, he’ll be more comfortable here, Nikki’s sorry. She knows Chelsea’s just doing what she thinks is best; protecting Connor from this bombshell – but there’s only so much you can do to save a child from the world, or himself.

Sharon’s so relieved to see that Adam’s alright. I’m not – Adam’s not returning anyone’s calls because he’s thinking of leaving GC. This time I won’t be found. It’s the best thing I can do for Chelsea and Connor. Sharon disagrees. You can’t run away from your thoughts and fears. Adam wants Sharon to focus on her own recovery. Sharon agrees – I have a list of therapists who aren’t personally involved with you – I mean your situation. Adam doesn’t need it – guess it’s time to say goodbye.

Rejoining her Mom and Kyle, Summer’s not sure she got through to her Dad. He’ll come around, Phyllis is sure. On cue, Nick comes over say that love is what it’s all about. When the house is finished, it’s yours, he delights Summer.

Mom? Mariah returns to find the house empty. You didn’t, she mutters to herself (guessing where Sharon went)

Surprised to find Nikki and Chelsea still awake, Victor has no good news about Adam. But, we can’t give up on him. He needs our help now more than ever.

Sharon doesn’t believe that Adam’s dark inside. I’ve hurt you too – does that make me toxic too? Sharon can make Adam see that he’s the loving Father Connor needs. Helping him keep his family together will help her in her fight. Give me this one last chance, she pleads. You DO deserve saving. OK, Adam agrees. I’ll stay.