Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

This is a lot to take in, Amanda agrees but she does plan to find out if Hilary was her twin sister and if she has family out there. She’s sorry to ask but does Devon have anything with Hilary’s DNA? This isn’t a new thought for Devon but he’s not sure it’s his place to get involved. You don’t know what you’ll uncover or how Hilary would feel. Amanda understands that Devon needs to think about it and won’t pressure him. She’ll give her sample to Nate before going out of town on business for a few days. If Devon decides not to give Nate a sample, she’ll never bother him again.

Sharon thinks Adam’s making a mistake by shutting Chelsea out and when he recalls pulling Sharon from a fire and hiding her to keep her safe, she doesn’t see that as a fair comparison. That said, she promises not to tell anyone where Adam’s going. He texts her the address to the motel he’s checking into. Noah returns to show Adam out while Sharon goes upstairs to take a call from Mariah. Before Adam goes, Noah has something to say to him.

Adam has no one to blame but himself, Victor grumbles about his son blaming him for murdering AJ. Nikki’s aghast to hear that yes, Chelsea does indeed think Victor should have let Adam keep holding that over his head – who did it hurt? He’d never have told anyone and would have done a better job than Vikki running NE. That’s enough! Nikki finally barks.

Noah lectures Adam – don’t burden my Mom, go seek help from someone not fighting for their life. If you give a damn about her, stay away. For once in your life stop being self-absorbed – leave her alone. Adam respects Noah for protecting his Mom. I won’t come again.

Nikki knows that Chelsea’s spewing garbage because she’s desperate, scared and looking for a scapegoat. This is all your greed and lust for power coming back to bite you. You could have stopped Adam (from blackmailing his Father) but your cold, grifter-heart wanted to be married to the CEO of Newman. Chelsea tells Nikki to look in the mirror – God forbid you let Adam feel part of this family for a minute. She won’t be bringing Connor back. I’ll show you what if looks like when a parent protects their child!

Still at Society, Devon mopes over a photo of him and Hilary on his phone on their wedding day.

At ChanceCom, Billy finds Amanda doing a DNA swab – to find out if Hilary was her twin sister. Are you sure this is what you want to do and not what Nate wants you to do? Amanda cuts him off – you don’t get to weigh in on my relationship with Nate or anyone else.

Amanda doesn’t appreciate Billy using something personal and sensitive she confided to him as a way to take a dig at Nate. No, Billy’s not jealous – his friendly advice is to slow down. With the test? With Nate? Amanda’s a very cautious person who sees that Billy feels very threatened by Nate. We agreed there’s nothing between us, she reminds.

After lunch, Victor apologizes for not being good company. He’s troubled by Chelsea’s threat to keep Connor away from them. That woman has a meltdown right before our eyes, Nikki declares ‘chaos’ the last thing Connor needs. Determined to protect that boy, Victor thinks something needs to be done very soon.

Sharon comes down from a nap to assure Noah that she’s not overdoing it. Having a conversation with Adam won’t hurt her. Noah begs his Mom not to take chances with her health. Adam can do without you, we cannot.

Adam enters a run-down motel suite and plops his bag down to look in the mirror, then lay on the bed looking utterly depressed.