YR Spoiler; Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

Chance blabs to Chelsea that Sharon was with Adam at the motel. Chelsea’s glad – they’ve been working together for a while. She fought it at first but, at the end of the day, Adam comes first. Chelsea’s scared to death for him and glad he reached out for help.

Vikki rants to Nick about all she’s been through; being attacked then Dad replacing her at Newman with Adam. They never face consequences. Sounds like you have something in mind, Nick observes.

Nikki won’t let Victor blame himself – Adam forced you to tell him the truth. He tried to kill you (switching your medication) THAT was evil. Victor’s sure that Nikki wouldn’t condemn Adam if he were her flesh and blood.

Nikki would stake her life on Victor’s instincts – you did the right thing.

Chance has texted the motel address to Chelsea – why aren’t you going? Adam’s in hell. Chance insists she go get him. If I pressure him, he might take off for good, Chelsea concludes – Adam knows where his home is and will be back when he’s ready.

Adam and Sharon sit on the edge of the bed. We understand each other, he jokes – you fixed me. Take it easy – let me be there for you. Sharon thought she could handle anything the doctors told her. Being here, with Adam …. I know, he says as she leans into him.

Sharon’s’ laying in bed drifting off to sleep. Adam jots down a note and leaves to get some food.

Chelsea doesn’t want to make things worse for Adam. Chance noticed something off in his friend – recklessness; he’s a coiled spring ready to explode. His state of mind worries Chance – Adam’s looking for someone to blame. He’s loyal to you, Chelsea insists. Chance knows that and again gives his word not to say anything. On his way out, Chance clarifies that he’s not worried about himself – he’s worried about Adam, and you should be too.

Nick wants to know what Vikki has up her sleeve. It is his business. Vikki disagrees – she’s claiming her own act of independence. If anything happens you’ll be the first to know. Be careful, Nick says in parting.

Nikki wishes she was wrong about Adam. Victor’s sorry for being harsh with her. The clock can’t be turned back – Adam hates me. Who the hell knows what that means for us moving forward.

On the patio, Mariah sends her Mom a text, asking where she is. Don’t be doing anything stupid, she mutters to herself.

Sharon awakens to hear Chelsea knocking at the door – I understand if you don’t want to open the door. Just hear me out. Sharon looks trapped.