Monday, September 14th, 2020

Abby’s not sure Chance is telling her everything about his reporter – she won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of what happened in Vegas. You can count on me and Chance. Hiding that there’s trouble between her and Adam, Chelsea appreciates that – you’re a good friend. I’ve got your back, girl – Abby leaves Chelsea to fret (while she goes to get her food)

Ending a phone call, Billy’s arranged a company credit card and a team of fact-checkers/investigators for Alyssa. Adam took my evidence and buried it, Alyssa gripes. We both want the truth to come out, Billy takes a quick call from Lily and tells her he’s in a meeting. Alyssa notes that he didn’t mention their arrangement; is there anything that would make Billy bury the story? No – Billy needs a journalist with an ax to grind. What’ll it take to get Alyssa to sign on the dotted line?

How would Hilary feel? Nick wonders. She’d be confused but excited, Devon won’t stress over it – though it does open up a lot of questions.

Amanda tells Nate that she needs to give Devon this news by herself – talk to you soon. Nate’s left to look disappointed.

Devon wonders how Hilary growing up with a sister would have changed her – and Amanda. They missed out on a lot. Hopefully, once this is settled, we’ll all have some peace. Once the results come in, we’ll move on from there, Devon tells Nick.

Cutting Summer off as she defends him, Kyle gushes to Victor about this incredible granddaughter – he’ll prove to them both that he’s worthy of her; and when the time is right he’ll make that commitment. He respects Victor and loves Summer. I’m the last person you want to disappoint, Victor goes to change from his work out clothes. That leaves Summer to wonder why Kyle didn’t want to tell Victor their plans.

Alyssa wants to tell the whole world what Adam’s done. Good, that’s Adam’s goal too.

Rejoining Jack in the hotel lobby, Phyllis doubts Dina’s trying to send Jack a message about love. It must be something else. I hope you find it.

Summer and Kyle debate whether they should have told Victor that they’re engaged. Kyle’s undeterred – he’ll live up to his promise.

Let me know how it turns out, Nick leaves – as Amanda arrives. I got the results, she announces. What does it say? Devon asks.

About to leave Society with her take out, Chelsea watches Alyssa and Billy take a table.

Still in the lobby, Jack calls Traci – hoping they can watch the home movie again with new eyes. Who knows what we’ll find.

Nick arrives at TGP hoping to be another of Phyllis exes to have a good conversation. You should call Amanda, he thinks she’ll need a friend today.

Amanda gets right to it, telling Devon that she is indeed Hilary’s twin sister. Both are near tears.