Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Sharon’s moping around her house when Rey comes knocking at the door.

Adam’s home but in no mood to hash things out again. Chelsea has a plan – you owe it to me to hear it.

At TGP, Jack wants to put Traci’s investigative skills to the test.

Bumping into Elena at CL’s, Nate updates her that the DNA results are in. How worried do I need to be? she frets.

Amanda’s sharing her thoughts at Devon’s penthouse – in some ways she’s alone, in some ways she’s not.

Rey needs an honest answer on where things stand between Sharon and Adam.

Only at the penthouse long enough to get some clothes, Adam approves of Chelsea’s idea to send Connor off to boarding school. But wait, there’s more – Alyssa’s teamed up with Billy (who’s gunning for Adam with all the power of Chancellor Communications)

Reeling from shock, Elena should have seen this coming. She’s more worried about Devon than Amanda. When’s she telling him? Now!? Yes, it makes sense to Nate – Amanda can’t connect with her sister. But she can connect with her sister’s husband!? Elena’s further alarmed.

Devon tells Amanda that she would have been his sister in law – and an Aunt. Knowing her grief doesn’t compare to his, Amanda still feels it a cruel joke to have gained a family only to lose it. Oh, how life might have been different.

When Jack suggests Traci dig into a possible motive behind Dina’s ‘message’, she wonders if he’s just afraid he won’t find his true love. Sharing Phyllis’ theory that there’s another message, he’s transferred the movie to a digital file he wants Traci to look at again for clues. OK, but only because Traci loves a good mystery.

Meanwhile, Phyllis and Nick are debating whether she’s a cynic or he’s a hopeless romantic – and whether Dina did indeed find a way to send Jack a message that he needs to find love.

Told that Sharon’s no longer going to treat Adam as a patient, Rey wonders whether she’s going to help him as a friend. Sharon’s focussed on her health now and has no plans to see Adam. Good, but Rey still wonders if she backed away from Adam because she was on the verge of crossing the line with him. Sorry, am I interrupting something? Mariah comes through the door to ask awkwardly.

I’m your partner, your soul mate, Chelsea pleads with Adam not to shut her out. You won’t be able to make it work – Adam’s leaving to save Chelsea the trouble of doing it later. Sorry, he walks upstairs.

Convinced not to run home to Devon, Elena asks Nate to sit with her (as she whines about poor Devon) How would YOU react if your deceased fiance’s twin came walking in the door – as if she’d come back to life?

Devon and Amanda both wonder why Rose raised Hilary but not her. Tell me everything about my sister, she implores.

Having watched the video on her phone, Traci doesn’t see any clues. Maybe I’m grasping at straws, Jack sighs. Wait a minute – what’s this? she turns the phone towards him.

Insisting he leave, Mariah’s left to ask – what just happened? Sharon thinks she may have just ruined everything.

To prove that she’ll never leave Adam, Chelsea wants to go to the courthouse and get married – right now.