Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Look at Mother’s necklace, Traci’s never seen that antique emerald again and wonders what happened to it.

If Caroline’s twin were to appear, Nate would be shocked – but wouldn’t think her an answer to his prayers. She may look like Caroline but it’s her heart and soul he fell in love with. Devon loves YOU, Nate lists why and is rewarded with Elena’s simple and heartfelt ‘thank you’.

Amanda wants to learn about her sister without making Devon relive painful memories. Hilary didn’t know how to take no for an answer either, Devon quips. Where to begin? Would Hilary and I have gotten along? Devon can’t go down the grief rabbit-hole again.

Phyllis isn’t cynical, she’s realistic – is Nick OK with that? Yes, if she can be OK with Nick being a romantic. Phyllis isn’t dead inside, she doesn’t see the world as a romantic comedy. I’ve been hurt so many times and hurt other people. Not this time, Nick WILL promise but Phyllis must believe it.

Your fight is my fight, your enemies are my enemies, Chelsea’s never leaving – what she and Adam have is death do us part.

Admitting to sneaking out to see Adam, Sharon worries she messed things up for both of them. Rey’s been a rock for you, Mariah declares his amazing. Sharon agrees – I told him I won’t be treating Adam anymore but couldn’t commit to cutting him off. This damn cancer has taken control of my life.

Elena agrees; Amanda isn’t Hilary – things are good with Devon. The good doctor knows just what to say – I hope Amanda knows what she’s got in you.

Give me something, someone to talk to, Amanda implores – everyone reacted when I first came to town. They either loved Hilary or hated her. Anyone who hated her didn’t know the real Hilary, Devon corrects.

Victor always wins, Adam whines. Not this time – you know the truth now; what makes you tick. Chelsea loves Adam even more – love yourself; accept yourself. Look at me; hear me. Together we’re unstoppable. Okay, Adam agrees. The hotel mattress is lumpy. As for getting hitched, let’s wait until we’ve defeated our memories.

Nick doesn’t want Phyllis to hide her tears. I see you, I love you. I love you too, she sniffles.

Mother probably sold the necklace, Jack likes to think he’d remember seeing something so beautiful. Traci would for sure. There’s something about that necklace and she intends to find out what that is.

Hilary was prone to fighting back but was a kind and loving person. She did things out of the kindness of her heart who grabbed life and never let go. I loved her more than anything else on earth. As luck would have it, Elena walks through the front door.

I don’t want to fight, Rey’s back. Sharon promises Adam won’t come between them.

You weren’t going to give up, were you? There’s no one else Adam would rather have at his side. Together, he and Chelsea vow to bring Victor to his knees (and anyone else who goes against them) This is war.

My Thoughts: I give today’s episode a 3/10. After so many months on hiatus and this is what the writers have come up with? Basically, a blow by blow of each characters’ characteristics? And how many times can a mystery revolve around a necklace? Lauren wearing a necklace poisoned by Shelia, Austin framing Sharon for Courtney’s death with her necklace and about five years ago, Jill searching for Katherine’s necklace …. I don’t expect to see everyone in GC wearing masks – but are we supposed to pretend there’s no pandemic underway? Boarding school for Connor – really? … Back to the boring characterizations; Despite now having an actual job with ChanceCom, Traci’s somehow got time to solve mysteries for Jack. Why can’t he hire someone? Like the guy who dates his neice who just started a private investigation firm (which he seems to have shuttered in favour of a position on the GCPD without even having any clients or cases to solve. Once Chance finds the police department maybe he can solve the case of the missing police chief .. Phyllis pretending she’s vulnerable is 10 minutes of my life I’ll ever get back, Sharon, yet again, is conflicted between two men – Chelsea, yet again, vowing, no demanding she’ll stand by Adam’s side as he vows revenge. And did she really tell Adam that ‘the Billy’ had teamed up with Alyssa? My subtitles says no but my ears say yes! You decide.