Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Adam warns that going after Victor could get ugly. Undeterred, Chelsea asks – when do we start? Right now. There’s someone else we need to go after first, she says. Billy, Adam guesses correctly.

At ChanceCom, Billy’s pleased with the work Theo’s handed in. Amanda? she’s out for the day. Too bad – yes, Theo’s a fan. She’d do well in front of the camera. Billy agrees and wonders if Theo’s interested in Amanda? Theo chuckles – he was just about to ask Billy the same thing.

As Amanda squirms silently, Devon explains to Elena that he got emotional when talking about Hilary. Elena understands – it was like you were looking into her eyes again.

A frustrated Mariah’s struggling with the coffee machine when Lola comes in to assist. She could use a friend. Let me guess – Theo, Mariah sighs.

No, Billy’s not interested in dating Amanda. Theo isn’t either – he’s got a good thing going with Lola. Adding that Amanda’s dating Dr Nate, Billy wants Theo to go over his list of true crime podcasters. Anyone on here reliable enough to write a big story that’ll rattle some cages in town?

Chelsea knows that Billy and Alyssa are coming after Adam – don’t underestimate him. No one takes him seriously, Adam scoffs. Jill did – she put him in charge of Chancellor Communications. Adam’s intrigued – but gets no details on Chelsea’s plan. Leave Billy to me, she grins – I’ll get us what we need.

At CL’s, Lola doesn’t want to talk about Theo – we’re fine. Mariah’s a hot mess, if not for Tessa she’d be bouncing off the walls. Being Sharon’s cheerleader, a good sister to Faith, Rey’s friend – it’s hard to know what to say or do. Hard to read Sharon; it’s frustrating. Offering support, Lola then confides a bit about Theo – he does something; I overreact. Maybe I shouldn’t examine every little thing he does. Mariah thinks that when it comes to Theo, Lola should listen to her gut.

Amanda can’t begin to describe what she’s feeling – standing in her sister’s home. I can picture her coming down those stairs, happy and in love. Devon and I need to talk, please excuse us, Elena manages to keep her voice level.

Did I do something wrong? Amanda’s puzzled. No, Devon and I need to process all this – I don’t think you understand what this is doing to him. Amanda’s sorry for being insensitive. She just has so many questions about who Hilary was. She doesn’t want to pressure Devon but maybe another day she can ask more questions, go through some photo albums or letters. I’ve told you everything I can, Devon echoes Elena. Amanda leaving without further word, Elena hugs Devon from behind.

Back at CL’s, Lola doesn’t trust her instincts; she jumped into a storybook marriage and then to a guy with a wild streak. Her eyes are wide open when it comes to Theo. At least he hasn’t cheated on me. Mariah admits that she’s seen brief glimpses of humanity but Theo’s got a shady side. He’s also warm and unpredictable – she likes the guy.

Billy and I once meant something to each other, Chelsea plans to use that to her advantage. Give me a little credit – do you trust me? With my life, Adam replies without hesitation.

Elena encourages a quiet Devon to say what’s on his mind. He’s sorry – what she walked in to hear was totally out of context and sounded like he wasn’t over Hilary. Amanda was asking a bunch of questions about her sister. She cross-examined you until you said to her what you can’t say to me, Elena’s near tears – We both know it’s true – your love for Hilary will never go away. She’s gone, Devon states the obvious. He loves Elena. What you and I have is just as special. Elena doesn’t want Devon to apologize for his feelings; she couldn’t take them away from him even if she tried.