Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Abby finds Chance deep in thought at TGP – two heads are better than one, she joins him. After talking to Adam, Chance tells Abby that her brother’s become dangerously unpredictable.

At the penthouse, Adam and Chelsea listen in as Vikki drops by ChanceCom with information Billy can pass on to his reporter – Adam doubled Dad’s medication and tried to pin it on her. What if she had someone close to the case who might talk – if the price is right? How’s this headline; How Son Would Stop At Nothing To Kill His Own Dad. Billy likes it.

Arriving at the clinic, Elena’s clearly holding a grudge, but that’s what doctors do, right? Fix problems. Give Amanda the family she never had; give Devon someone to talk to … Nate’s just about to tell Elena something she needs to know when she gets a text. Devon’s with Amanda – lemme guess, she snarls – that’s what you were just about to tell me.

At the penthouse, Amanda thanks Devon; who credits Nate. He’s a good man, they agree. Devon explains that he took a step back for self-preservation. But memories are about all the laughs and love; that’s what I want to share with you.

Chance relays visiting Adam at the motel in hopes of getting him and Chelsea back together. Turns out they already were. As for the reporter snooping around about Vegas, Adam claims to have it under control. He’s up to something, he and Abby agree. Chance worries this could ‘all go down the drain, fast’.

Vikki’s bluffing, Chelsea’s sure – no one in the family would go on the record about this. It must be someone outside the family. On cue, they hear Vikki provide the source; the pharmacist who lost her job for doing Adam’s dirty work. Chelsea frets – Vikki’s feeding info to Billy > he feeds it to Alyssa. She’s out for blood. I need to be out for blood too, Adam decides.

Nate tries to reassure Elena; Devon doesn’t want to hurt you. But Amanda was disappointed. So you encouraged Devon to change his mind, Elena huffs; there are other people in town who knew Hilary. What about ME? I’ve been understanding and patient. Nate’s trying to do what’s best for everyone, including Elena. Devon suppressing his feelings by avoiding Amanda could damage your relationship. What does Elena want? Respect and consideration. Devon sent you a text. That’s not good enough for Elena. AM I his priority? He invited the twin sister of the woman he loved into our home! I’m NOT Devon’s priority! she exits in tears.

Amanda wants to hear everything – tell me what you saw in her, what movies she liked, what songs she sang in the shower. Let’s start with this, Devon says as Amanda’s phone pings – he’s sent her a link to every episode of GC Buzz. You can see Hilary’s charisma. He used to joke – thank God there was only one of her. When Hilary walked into a room she was the center of attention. She knew how to get under people’s skin too. Being argumentative runs in the family, Amanda quips. Devon shares a story that illustrates their stubbornness. We would have spent our whole lives fighting and making up. Amanda has one more favour to ask – would you watch an episode of Hilary’s show with me? I want to see her through your eyes too.

There has to be something we can do, Chelsea’s alarmed. There is, but the less Adam tells her the better – trust me.

How can Billy thank Vikki? Destroy Adam. He’s glad they’re on the same side again but oversteps when suggesting they’d still be together if it weren’t for Victor. Are you delusional? We’re not friends, we’re allies. Vikki can count on three things in life; death, taxes, and Billy screwing up. Don’t try to redeem yourself – it won’t happen, she clip-clops out.

Elena didn’t mean what she said about Devon – he’s doing the best he can. Nate understands – you’re allowed to be confused but you have nothing to worry about. Nice to hear but hard to believe, Elena worries that every minute Devon spends with Amanda dredges up memories. Listing all they’ve been through, Elena no longer feels secure. You have nothing to be afraid of, Nate reminds Elena of one important fact – you are not alone.

After watching The Hilary Hour on her phone, Amanda gushes about how surreal it is; how can a stranger feel so familiar? It’s like watching myself. When Hilary speaks to the camera it’s like she’s looking into your heart and saying ‘you are worth it. you’re not alone’ – does she ever make you feel like that? Amanda jumps up to apologize. Devon wishes Hilary was here – she’d love every minute of it. I love it too.

Nate cares about what Elena’s going through. The greatest threat to your relationship isn’t Amanda, it’s your imagination – that’s why he plans to keep Elena grounded, safe and happy. I’m your secret weapon. Elena hurries out – thanks, see you later, she leaves Nate puzzled.