Monday, September 21st, 2020

Nate advises Devon – you want to help Amanda, not hook up with her – be open and honest with Elena and she’ll realize that it won’t change your relationship. You aren’t conflicted at all.

At Society’s bar, Nick asks about Connor. Adam asks Nick about boarding school. It gave me exactly what I needed, got me away from everything that’s here, Nick implies that it’d be good for Connor. You and Chelsea will make the best decision for your son, he’s sure – then leaves Victor to chime in – you look healthy, son. I’m concerned. You should be, Adam’s dismissive – he’s here for food, not a confrontation. Victor knows about the pesky reporter Billy’s funding. Adam doesn’t need any help and won’t be bringing Connor to the ranch anytime soon – stay away from my son. He’s my grandson, nothing you can do about my blood flowing through his veins, Victor points out.

Wash up for lunch and clean your room before we head to Aiden’s, Chelsea shouts up the staircase. She then gets a call from Aiden’s Mom and talks to her about Connor going to boarding school.

If Victor wants to see his grandson, he will. We’re considering sending him away, Adam announces. Not a bad idea – then you can deal with your problems, Victor approves – but still won’t be kept from his grandson. Grabbing his takeout bag, Adam comments cryptically; with what’s about to happen, it’s best Connor be far away from GC. What are you up to, son? a puzzled Victor’s left to fold his arms and sigh.

Phyllis sees no need for Summer to marry Kyle (who married Lola just last year) You’ve been married twice and both ended up in heartbreak. Phyllis felt her daughter’s pain and knows the agony herself. This is about you, Summer realizes – you’re projecting your feelings about Dad onto me. Yes, Phyllis was scared but now she feels secure. We’re not done talking about his, she calls out as Summer heads to the spa.

Adam comes home with food, including Connor’s favourite dessert. We’ll miss each other but can video chat – not like he’s going to be in Switzerland. He ran into Nick and his Dad at Society; Nick went to school in Switzerland and he turned out OK. He probably wanted to get away from Victor, Adam assumes; adding that Victor’s determined to spend time with Connor – we need to keep him far away.

After looking over some old videos of Hilary’s show, Billy found nothing new so thinks Amanda should go to Devon again. Or have Chance investigate. On cue, Devon calls – things were awkward earlier but Amanda’s welcome to come by and learn more about Hilary. After Devon hangs up, Nate thinks it’ll be good for both him and Amanda.

Don’t keep the man waiting, Billy encourages Amanda – who says with sincerity ‘thanks for everything’ as she hurries out of ChanceCom.

Nick brings a bouquet of flowers to TGP. What brought this on? Phyllis wonders. Nick wants to make plans for the rest of their lives. Summer appears to protest – are you trying to upstage my engagement!? What!? You’re engaged?! Nick’s stunned.

When Chelsea returns to the penthouse, Adam comments that Connor took the news well. How was the ride to Aiden’s? Connor was a little subdued but Chelsea boasts about manipulating Aiden’s Mom into sending her son to St. Mallory’s too. She’s using her grift skills for good. Adam looks uncomfortable.

Now at the penthouse, Amanda really appreciates Devon inviting her over. He’s glad she was able to come. Not as glad as I am to be here, she reiterates.