Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Where is she? Billy barges into the penthouse to ask Adam – the only one who’d benefit from a small-time reporter from Kansas going missing. Your fight’s me, not her.

Over my dead body, Nick won’t allow Kyle to drag Summer into marriage again. Surely, Phyllis wants to present a united front and talk our daughter out of this. Unaware, Summer stands nearby (on her phone at TGP)

At the clinic, Nate thinks Amanda’s tears a beautiful thing, nothing to apologize for. He’s happy that Devon helped her connect with her sister. It was magical, like he was with Hilary again, Amanda adds that Devon wants to do this again – he wants to do this for me.

Devon continues to woo Elena at the penthouse – it means a lot that she understands him seeing Amanda. He wishes he’d talked to her instead of just texting. We both know why you didn’t, Elena doesn’t seem happy.

Billy accuses Adam of using Alyssa, like he does everyone. Maybe you two were cooking something up – but Adam has no idea where Alyssa is. Billy thinks he does. Prove it, Adam challenges.

The last thing Devon wanted to do was hurt Elena – the reality that Amanda’s Hilary’s twin hit him harder than he expected. Elena doesn’t blame him but it affects her too – because she loves Devon. Let me in – how was talking to Amanda cathartic? Tell me everything.

Back at the clinic, talk of Devon leads to Amanda asking Nate to share his feelings about losing Caroline. She wants to be there for him too.

Billy’s sure Alyssa wouldn’t leave town without exposing the truth about Adam. You’re scared and spiraling out of control. He knows Adam committed murder at the age of 11 and Victor covered it up (and he plans to tell the world)

At TGP, Nick and Phyllis continue to butt heads over Summer marrying Kyle (he’s not having it, while she’s more accepting) Summer joins her parents to ask that they discuss her engagement to Kyle like mature adults.

Nate describes Caroline as smart, strong and beautiful, but no, not like Hilary. He wasn’t able to save her (Hilary) or the baby – and he wasn’t sure he’d be able to save Devon either (from his grief) There’s something else Nate needs Amanda to know.

You’ve got nothing, Adam’s sure. Billy’s bets he knows where the reporter is. You’re losing it! As they raise their voices, Chelsea appears to break it up – stop it! she shouts.

Devon relays that it was awkward – he didn’t know where to start so watched an episode of Hilary’s show with Amanda. He was happy and sad; reminded of how talented and funny Hilary was. Maybe this whole thing with Amanda was a test from God – Devon now realizes that he’s moved on, with Elena ~hug~

Nate believes that Devon sharing his memories with Amanda’s a good thing – but you didn’t see how grief-stricken Devon was. And there’s Elena to consider. Yes, he’s protective of her; both she and Devon. Amanda has no intention of hurting either of them and promises to be careful. Nate now has to work the late shift. No, Amanda hasn’t been scared off – she appreciates getting to know Nate better.