Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Nikki’s not trying to manipulate Lily but is appalled that she’d allow Billy to launch an ugly crusade against the Newmans; attacking Adam and publicly humiliating my husband – especially given our families histories. Leave my Father out of this – Lily will make decisions based on business, not as Neil’s daughter. She doesn’t need guidance on how to run her company. Good, then you’ll agree that the last thing your fledgling company needs is a costly war with Victor Newman; who won’t rest until he takes back Newman’s media division and grinds Chancellor Communications into dust.

Back at Society, Abby defends Chance; he’s smart, kind, has integrity, he told me to stay out of this. Abby was going to do just that until Vikki came in with her accusations and insults. After she marches off and Chelsea arrives, Vikki wastes no time warning that Adam will go down and take her and Connor with him. You’re underestimating Adam, again, Chelsea waits as Chance warns Adam that if anything happens to that reporter, he’ll come forward with the truth – all of it. He then turns to leave only to find himself face to face with a grinning Vikki.

I thought you and Adam barely talked, a smug Vikki reminds. We ran into each other, Chance was curious about Adam’s childhood friend going missing. No, he didn’t ask for my help – I’d have turned him down. Good, you don’t want any part of what’s coming, Vikki marches out.

Ignoring the flowers and box on the table, Sharon hears that Rey put the groceries away while she was having a nap. She appreciates how well he takes care of her – even though she stubbornly rejected his advice on Adam. Rey just wants to move forward – and watch home renovation shows.

Abby and Chance compare their conversations with Vikki. She seemed to buy Chance’s explanation that Adam’s friend had gone missing and warned that he might get caught up in something that’s about to go down. She had the same warning for me, Abby’s sorry her sister’s obsession with Adam is affecting Chance’s life. He understands that everyone’s doing what they think is right. He had nothing to lose when covering up for Adam in Vegas but everything’s changed now. When seeing Kevin with Chloe and Bella recently, Chance didn’t think that life was for him – now he does.

Rey hangs back to smile as Sharon and Faith have an animated, humourous discussion as they decide to watch ‘Fire-ravaged Farmhouse’ (oh, the irony) Mariah joins him to quietly comment that it was more than the nap that helped Sharon. Both are glad that Sharon’s finally rid of Adam.

Chance was talking about having kids in the future – right now, the focus is on this mess Adam’s going through. Yes, of course, Abby forces a smile.

Still at the office, Lily calls Billy – we need to have a serious conversation.

Returning to the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam debate Vikki’s blatant threats – she expects you to crash and burn any day now. Adam’s done all he can – the rest is out of his control. He might have to make a call he didn’t want to make.

Next week: I found out about Mother’s mysterious emerald necklace, Traci tells Jack …. Adam’s a threat, he’s always been a threat, Vikki says – I’m sure you’re gonna rescue him before he does anything dangerous or deadly. Victor responds that if Billyboy Abbot’s involved, he’d love nothing more to destroy my company and me…. What did you just do? a panicked Lily runs to Billy about something she’s seen on her phone.