Friday, September 25th, 2020

Asked why she’s watching old episodes of GC Buzz at CL’s, Amanda’s news that she’s Hilary’s twin doesn’t shock Mariah – she knows a thing or two about the ole long lost twin coming to town phenomenon. Amanda then asks Mariah to share some insight into her former on-air partner.

When Devon surprises Elena with a picnic spread at Chancellor Park, she wonders if it’s because he feels guilty about Amanda.

At Jabot, Summer updates Kyle with good news; her Mom wants to see her. Perhaps she can bring her Dad onboard with their engagement. And when will Kyle tell his Dad? He’s always been supportive. Kyle doesn’t think they should tell Jack.

Nauseated by the memory of Summer telling Kyle how happy she is (at the park) Lola makes a call and leaves a message. Can you stop by the restaurant? I’ll be here all day.

Kyle said ‘we’ shouldn’t tell his Dad – he wants to break the news himself; son to Father. Summer thinks that old fashioned but readily agrees – and when Jack comes in, she quickly lies by claiming they’re talking about business. What are you two up to? Jack’s not fooled.

Devon admits that he does indeed feel guilty that Amanda’s taken up so much of his time – let’s not talk about her or Hilary. Elena agrees by sitting on the blanket to ask ‘what’s for lunch’?

Now seated with Amanda, Mariah tells Amanda about her complicated friendship with Hilary; the verbal and physical abuse, the deathbed farewell. She too was the twin ‘left behind’. And, as such, has advice, no – a warning.

Whatever you find out, don’t beat yourself up. Mariah describes feelings Amanda can relate to; the strange mixture of emotions she felt when hearing that her twin, Cassie, died. Offering to lend an ear anytime, Mariah gently suggests Devon might need a break once in a while and suggests Amanda talk to the person who gave Hilary her big break.

Claiming that he and Summer don’t have enough time in the day to scheme, Kyle leaves Jack to wonder what his son wants to talk to him about later. Now alone with the ‘radiant’ Summer, Jack’s encouraged to start dating. The right woman is out there.

I came as soon as I could, Mariah guesses Lola’s summoned her to discuss Theo. What did he do now? It’s what Lola did – I dumped him.

Did Theo cry? Did you record it? Mariah jokes/pleads. Lola smiles – we just weren’t working as a couple. Her divorce from Kyle will be final soon. He’s with Summer and it’s time to move forward. Of all the directions, Mariah’s of the opinion that forward is the best one.

Jack’s delighted that Amanda came to him. Your sister would want me to talk to you and I’d do anything for Hilary.

Jack flashes back to meeting Hilary (who needed a fresh start according to Neil) He recommended her after gaslighting him? Amanda hears that Jack identified with her ambitious sister. Hilary was solid, controlled, tough, vulnerable. I miss her, he tears up. As does a grateful Amanda.

What are you doing here? Kyle joins Mariah at Society’s bar. Getting my oil changed, she quips before saying she’s there to eat AND see Lola. She then lets it slip that Lola and Theo broke up. Tell her I stopped by. I’ll always care and feel protective of her, Kyle adds before leaving. Shortly after, Lola returns from running an errand.