Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Connor upstairs packing, Chelsea and Adam claim they’ll miss him but it’s better he’s far away – so they can gripe about Billy and Vikki being out for blood. Adam managed slow things down but needs a plan. He then gets a text from Chance – wanting to meet. If the truth comes out about the man missing in Vegas, it could ruin his life too.

Chance and Abby chat at Society. Not comfortable with Adam’s vague ‘I’ll handle things’, Chance is going to meet him. Abby thinks Vikki might be involved with this reporter so will go talk to her (whether Chance thinks it’s a good idea or not)

Faith arrives at CL’s to tell Mariah how to tabulate a spreadsheet on her tablet. Now it’s time for Mariah to help Faith (with whatever’s on her mind)

Phone in hand, Sharon’s looking online at an organic shampoo recommended by the ladies on her support group (since she can’t shower post-surgery) No need for her to order more of the lotion Vikki gave her – Rey noticed she was running low and ordered some. You take such good care of me, Sharon doesn’t quite manage a smile.

Nikki peeks into the office as Vikki’s barking into her phone about sending a push notification to subscribers. Refusing to take the high road, she wants to see the final product of this long-awaited reckoning. I’ll get Johnny to his practice, she hangs up (on Billy) What was all that about? Nikki appears to ask.

Grocery, bank, library, cleaners – did I miss anything? Rey recites his list and convinces Sharon to text him hers so she can take a nap. Sharon still feels guilty about snapping at Mariah. Rey continues to be incredibly supportive. The smile Sharon forces vanishes the second Rey leaves.

On the patio, Mariah gives the worried Faith a pep talk, and a brownie.

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Nikki knows Vikki was discussing more than the kid’s schedule with Billy – you two are scheming. Karma’s about to pay a visit to Adam, Vikki finally admits. Of course, Nikki’s concern is how this will affect Victor. Vikki’s only bringing about what should have happened anyway – consequences. I have somewhere to be, she exits.

Chance has been stalling Paul on taking a job on the force because he might have to arrest his friend, in a case that implicates him. He appreciates having Abby on his side. And here’s Adam.

Lily’s surprised when Nikki drops by her office (in the building to visit a friend who used to work at Newman) Declining tea, she praises Lily then mentions the new project Billy and Vikki are working on together. Lily’s been out of town.

Adam and Chance go back and forth a bit. Both know where Alyssa is. Chance had an agent track her down but how did Adam know? He’s the one who sent her to Arizona to track down a bogus lead.

Faith thanks Mariah – you always know the right thing to say. Have we met? Mariah relays how she slammed out on Mom like an angsty teenager yesterday. We worked it out but point is – we all slip up and make mistakes so need to be patient with each other.

Adam had his Vegas ‘fixer’ summon Alyssa, claiming to have info on the missing man. She was never in danger – Adam’s just buying time until he can convince the widow to continue her life of luxury on his dime. Her husband was a bad man who wanted you dead, he reminds Chance. Having heard it all, Vikki strolls in to needle Abby about defending her boyfriend.

May I be candid? Nikki wants to know how bad the fallout will be. Lily’s just running a business here. The ambush Billy’s planning has nothing to do with business, and Nikki can’t understand why the ‘principled’ Lily would be a party to that.