Monday, September 28th, 2020

Phyllis and Billy exchange verbal jabs (at CL’s) on topics of business and her sleeping with Nick when they were together. ‘We were on a break’, Phyllis also makes it clear that she didn’t run into Billy by accident.

Strolling through Chancellor Park, Nick bumps into his Mom – who’s doing some thinking about what Adam might do to devastate Victor (which will affect all of us)

Dad? At the ranch, Vikki glances at a folder that contains a photo of Alyssa. Victor appears – I’m glad you came. Yes, it’s important – did you see the delivery there? That journalist is the daughter of the man Adam killed; Victor’s having that journalist followed. For how long? Oh, long enough to know who’s working with her – that’s why Victor summoned Vikki.

Summer finds Kyle reading an email from his attorney (on his phone) His divorce is official. Is it too early for champagne? This is what we’ve been waiting for, Summer wonders Why Kyle isn’t dancing on the table. He’s concerned with how Lola’s taking the news.

Meanwhile, at Society, Lola does indeed seem to be taking the news differently. She’s frowning at her phone when Theo arrives to greet his favourite chef. No, he’s hasn’t forgotten about their breakup but hopes to maintain their friendship. Lola’s clearly upset. Yes, she does need a friend – too bad it isn’t you!

Summer’s sure the resilient Lola will be celebrating the divorce too. Perhaps Kyle needs the ego boost of thinking that she’s devastated? Kyle’s concerned – this was Lola’s first serious relationship and it tanked. Summer will grant Kyle 30 seconds to get over his guilty conscience. Any more than that and your fiance might think you’re more concerned about your ex-wife than your future wife.

Billy and Phyllis take a seat at CL’s. She’d hate to see him crash and burn. He’s flattered that she’s thinking of someone else for once. She can tell by the gleam in his eye that he’s taking someone down; who is it? Adam – with Victor as collateral damage, Billy blabs. That’s explosive, Phyllis sees only one thing to do – kill the story before it sees the light of day.

Victor’s PI saw Vikki go into ChanceCom’s offices. Well yeah, Vikki can solve that mystery – she was there to talk to Billy about the kids. As for Adam, he’s a threat but she’s sure her Dad will come to his rescue. Why is Victor so worried about Billy this time anyway? Because he has serious ammunition (strongly implying that Vikki should put a stop to it)

Hating to see his Mother like this, Nick asks what he can do. Take your place in this family and take our side without question, Nikki quickly realizes she’s wasting her breath. Don’t offer to help if your heart’s not in it, she huffs off.

Be friends!? Lola rips a strip off Theo – you have a calculator where your heart should be; constantly tabulating who can be of use to you. A friend knows when someone’s having a bad day and speaking out of frustration, Theo says – so invites Lola to continue. venting Her divorce is final and she doesn’t know how to react. Just go, Lola marches off to the kitchen.

Summer admits she’d rather have a man who cares – but not too much. I have you, Lola’s alone, Kyle points out. Not for long, Summer thinks they all need to move on. Is it horrible that she has a bottle of bubbly on ice waiting for this day? No, Kyle wants to celebrate too. But first, he has an offsite meeting. Summer’s left to pout in the boardroom.

Theo hovers, watching Kyle go into Society’s kitchen to see how Lola’s doing. Same as always – busy, she replies. If you need to talk, about anything, Kyle offers – but is glad to see she’s doing OK. As he leaves, she calls him back to ask if it’s crazy to think ‘this sucks’. No, he feels the same way.