Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam eavesdrop on Billy; who finally says something ‘Jackpot’ – as he reads an email. Lily appears to ask what he’s so happy about. Adam Newman; the making of a monster – we’ve got him. Chelsea and Adam look ill.

Over coffee at CL’s, Traci doesn’t have anything exciting to tell Jack about her trip to New York – except a blackmarket scheme, a beautiful Italian Princess and a jewelry heist. She found out about Mother’s mysterious emerald necklace.

Abby admits that she’s nervous Chance’s name might pop up in this article about Adam. He worries he may be under investigation for a crime and that he scared Abby with talk of kids (which he indeed is serious about)

At TGP, Amanda can’t tell Phyllis about something important she found out. Because she gets a text from Billy – The Making of a Monster is ready to go.

Nick thinks Vikki’s in a better position to help Victor. Nope – he found out she’s working with Billy Boy Abbott.

Chance is sure he and Abby will find a way to move forward if this all blows up in Adam’s face. His priorities are changing – because of Abby. Maybe you don’t want kids. The opposite, Abby wanted kids too much.

As Jack squints at her phone, Traci talks about a portrait of an Italian Princess wearing the emerald necklace. It was given to her by her one true love – then stolen and missing for centuries. It was on the black market during WW1 to a millionaire in Chicago. He gave it to his girlfriend before he shipped off. Mother was that girlfriend? Traci’s coy smile indicates she was.

Adam and Chelsea listen in as Lily worries about publishing these unsubstantiated claims. Billy calls Amanda and puts her on speakerphone. Yes, she’s read the story but doesn’t think he should run it – this sounds personal. Our company’s goal is noble, Billy argues. You know how dangerous secrets can be – aren’t you glad you know the truth about Hilary? Lily’s stunned by the news.

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Lily fires questions at Amanda – does Devon know? Back to the subject at hand, Amanda needs time to look into the legalities of publishing the story. The call ended, Lily doesn’t need an apology – honestly, she just worries about Devon.

Chelsea’s optimistic that cooler heads will prevail (Lily and Amanda have reservations about running this ‘hatchet piece’) And what’s this about Amanda being Hilary’s sister?! Adam’s only focus is Billy. It might be time to bite the bullet and call in the cavalry.

Nick was willing to protect the family from Adam; he’s not willing to protect Adam from the things he’s done. The whole family will be skewered in the press – you don’t want that do you? Victor covering up for Adam could open him up to criminal charges and civil suits. Speak of the devil, Victor gets a call from Adam; stop Billy before he sends us both to prison. After hanging up, Adam now has to act on phase two. Told that Adam expects them to work together to thwart Billy, Nick doesn’t see what he can do. OK, Victor will go it alone.

Abby confides to Chance that she had a miscarriage five years ago; it almost broke her emotionally and physically. She thought getting pregnant again would mend her broken heart. She was married to a great guy – a military vet just like Chance. He doesn’t mean to pry – but is that why the marriage didn’t work out? On the verge of tears, Abby hurries off. Chance is left to take a call – that’s not good.

Chelsea calls Billy to ask that he not stoop so low as to print an article that could hurt Connor. Billy thinks it low that she uses her son as a shield. Remembering her dropping by the office the other day, he snoops around until he finds the bug. If you want to protect your son, keep him away from Adam. Crushing the bug with his heel, Billy hangs up. Signing in to the listening device app, she’s alarmed that the signal’s lost.