Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Please tell me you didn’t just do what I think you did! Lily’s aghast to hear that Billy published ‘The Making of a Monster’ without even letting her or Amanda know. Relax!? Billy’s sure Lily will thank him for running the story on Adam. The Newmans will be caught flat-footed this time.

Looking at the article online (complete with a photo of Adam) Nikki calls Vikki – I hope you’re proud of yourself. You know why! ~click~ Vikki quickly finds the story online and emits a gasp.

Joining Nikki in the living room, Victor asks – how bad is it? She’s just scanned the story – but it’s worse than we anticipated. That bastard, Victor grunts.

At the penthouse with Chelsea, Adam’s livid as he scrolls on his phone. It’s just one monstrous deed after another. They’ll have to add one more to the list soon. I’m going to kill Billy.

Billy didn’t pull any punches did he? No, he went right for the throat, Nick agrees with Phyllis. He wonders who (besides Victor) will be collateral damage – then comes across something that makes him fire off a call to Sharon – he needs to see Faith! Keep reading, he tells Phyllis as he explodes out of her suite.

Back at ChanceCom, Lily rants that Billy’s bloodthirst for revenge puts their company at risk. The cat’s out of the bag, thousands have already read it, Billy boasts. I can’t be around you right now, Lily escapes.

Nikki and Victor are both busy on their phones. I’m gonna get that bastard but let’s not forget our daughter’s role in this! Victor’s furious. Concerned about his health, Nikki suggests a relaxing walk – we’ll come up with a plan.

Faith hides her phone and swipes a tear as her Dad arrives. Sharon begins – an article came out about Adam and your grandfather. But the story also includes something about you. Faith pretends to be reading it for the first time – Adam Newman kidnapped a baby from GCM, making the Mother believe she was dead. Faith didn’t know all the details and sadly says ‘I’m famous now’.

Insisting that he didn’t cross any slanderous lines, Billy’s sure Amanda can handle any lawsuits. She doesn’t appreciate being undermined and threatens to quit. Maybe then Billy can dig himself out of the hole he dug – and realize the damage he’s done.

Chelsea and Adam are both snapping ‘no comment’ into their phones. Turning his phone off, Adam’s more than angry – every innuendo, every smear, every accusation. The story’s believable. I’m going to kill Billy. Chelsea wants him to focus on Connor.

When Rey comes to the ranch on official police business, Victor asks Nikki to excuse them. Informed that there’s no statute of limitations on murder, Victor says that if Rey wants to do his due diligence, he should go question Billy Boy Abbott about harassing his family!

No, Amanda’s not quitting and she can probably tie Victor and Adam up in court long enough to figure something out – but Billy must ask himself one question; is using this company and it’s employees for his personal vendetta something to be proud of?