Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Is anybody out there!? having no cell phone reception, Chelsea bangs on the elevator door.

Last time Chelsea was at ChanceCom she planted a bug, Billy asks Lily to help him look in case she did it again. He suspects that Adam’s the reason the lights are going out so will sleep there – Adam’s not stealing anything off me tonight, he vows.

Adam’s in what appears to be Chance’s suite at TGP, wearing a baseball cap and looking sketchy.

Abby’s surprised when Chance arrives at Society – that was a short meeting; what happened?

At CL’s, Faith apologizes for taking up so much of Mariah’s time. No – she won’t clean toilets and feels she’s failing at being a normal teen. She didn’t sleep in – she pretended to be asleep when Mom came in before she left for surgery. What’s wrong with me? Nothing, Mariah reassures.

Paul was called away on an emergency, Chance tells Abby; I told him what happened in Vegas. Paul knows you’re a boy scout – maybe cutting ties with Adam will help, she suggests, Chance can’t do that – he saved my life. He’s nothing but trouble and not worth it. He may have already cost you a job – what else are you willing to risk for Adam? she wonders.

Flashlight in hand, Adam snoops around the hotel suite.

Billy’s surprised when Lily tells him about her visit from the Queen of GC society (Nikki) She does have to wonder what her Dad would think. He’d be proud of you, Billy’s sure.

Sharon and Nick pat themselves on the back for being far better parents to Faith than Adam and Chelsea are to Connor.

Mariah doesn’t want Faith to shut down – we all need someone to talk to. Yes, even Nick. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out. After Mariah recites a list of people Faith can talk to, Faith adds – and Summer? Mariah laughs at being ‘trolled’ and would do anything for Faith (who’s left to sigh)

Abby’s pleased to hear that Chance won’t consider leaving GC (because of her) I’m falling in love with you.

Lily and Billy look out the window at GC’s nightscape. It’s crazy that we’re here together now, he remembers their brief fling and is glad Lily’s at his side. I couldn’t do it without you. I know, Lily chuckles.

Attempting to escape from the elevator, Chelsea instead falls and knocks herself out.

Abby didn’t know but should have (because Chance is earnest) He doesn’t want to live without her. And how does Abby feel? Like going upstairs to plan their future; all, night, long.

Sharon’s fine with Nick leaving her alone; Rey will be home soon. Glad to hear that he’s moving back in, Nick again mentions Faith.

Faith’s in the bathroom when Rey arrives at CL’s to pick her up. Mariah’s thrilled to hear that he’s moving back in with Sharon. Let me know when she or Faith needs help. Sure, but Rey knows it’s hard for her to open up too.

The lights back on, Billy leaves Lily to her work – but when he’s about to get on the elevator, he’s stunned to see Chelsea laying there. Calling out to Lily for help, Billy dials 911.