Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Meeting Nikki at Chancellor Park, Victor claims that Adam’s not the problem, Billy Boy Abbott is.

Lily arrives at Billy’s suite at TGP as he’s putting his shirt on. With brief mention of Chelsea being found unconscious in the elevator last night, Billy shows her footage of Adam going through his suite last night. No, he didn’t get anything – but he’s about to.

At the penthouse, Chelsea has an ice pack on her head as she explains that she was at ChanceCom to protect her family. I told you I’d handle it, Adam reminds. Chelsea thought they were in this together – why are you pushing me away??

Nick leaves another message for Supergirl. Phyllis hasn’t been able to reach her either. No, her call isn’t from Summer – but I should take this. Excusing herself, Phyllis steps behind the bar to whisper concerns about the taxman. After she hangs up, Nick knows she’s lying when saying ‘all’s good’.

Meanwhile, in a suite upstairs, Abby claims she has to get to work – but Chance easily convinces her to come back to bed.

Vikki loves you, Nikki insists that she’ll forgive Victor for replacing her with Adam. She hasn’t apologized for the hit job, and Victor vows to have Vikki removed if the article she supported Billy in publishing hurts the company he built. Nikki scolds him – the problem isn’t Billy or Vikki, it’s Adam. Annoyed, Victor leaves Nikki to send someone a text message.

At the office, Vikki has a video call with Katie (who needs to deal with issues with her brother on her own) Yes, she’ll be home early – with a big surprise. Be good for Hannah. Love you – bye.

Back at TGP, Nick knows how much Phyllis loves this hotel and that she’s too stubborn to ask him for help. Phyllis puts out fires every day – she just needs to come up with another genius idea (like the Escape Club) Don’t worry about me. This isn’t over, he says in parting (when a text from Nikki summons Nick away)

Adam’s not pushing Chelsea away. The power outage was you??? She’s told that Adam needed Billy and Lily occupied for an hour so he could search their rooms for incriminating info on him. I have to keep looking – alone, he hates that Chelsea got hurt. She doesn’t understand why Adam needs to handle this alone – and even more disappointed when he leaves.

Abby’s now the one in bed, while a towel-clad Chance continues to gush about fate or destiny bringing them together. Play hookey and spend the day with me.

Accosting his nemesis at Society’s bar, Billy makes it clear that he saw the baseball hat-clad Adam searching his suite last night. The fact that you’re scared brings me joy, he gloats.

As summoned, Nick joins his Mom at Chancellor Park. Don’t worry about Dad – just give him time to blow off some steam. Both know Victor won’t give up on Adam. Implored to talk to his Dad, Nick doubts he’ll listen – but, he has an idea to take care of Adam.

First stop, Chance has brought Abby to Chancellor Park. They discuss her growing up as a Newman-Abbott, him as a Chancellor – and how it affected their relationships.

Back at Society, Adam grumbles about Billy being too busy accusing him to ask how Chelsea is. Billy quips that if she knew Adam was going to cut the power to ChanceCom Chelsea might have taken the stairs. Not impressed by the gambling euphemisms, Adam’s threats are just more ammo for Billy’s next article. So, thank you.