Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Nick’s not at the penthouse to see Adam, he’s there to check on Chelsea. Knowing that it must have been hard to send Connor to boarding school, he blames Adam more than Billy. He’ll retaliate – this will never end. I care about you and Connor. Chelsea’s frustrated; what do you want from me? Do you want me to ask Adam to play nice on the playground? No, Nick wants her to leave town.

Nikki returns to Vikki’s office in time to hear her end a call – and hear that Phyllis is going behind her back to try lure NE’s clientele to TGP. Vikki will put a stop to it to protect the company.

You can’t be serious, Chelsea balks – we can’t leave. Yes, Nick is serious – take Adam and leave to avoid a full-scale war. You sent your son away, follow him, Nick thinks it best for everyone. Asked to leave, he does so.

What’s next? Lily wonders. Adam was shaking, Billy loved it – let’s double down on the expose. Lily was referring to ChanceCom, not a continued character assassination of Adam.

Back at NE, Vikki tells her Mom that Phyllis is stretched financially (after consolidating loans to buy Abby out) She’s so exposed she’s practically naked. Nikki’s only concern is Vikki mending fences with her Father. Vikki won’t beg her Dad to forgive her (as he’s always done Adam) This is just about business.

Your brother loves Phyllis, you don’t want to hurt him, Nikki tries to dissuade Vikki (who isn’t going after Phyllis, she’s going after an asset) Shooing her Mom out, Vikki will let her know how everything goes.

At TGP, Phyllis gets a call. The bank sold the note? A holding company bought it? Ponte Vecchio? Oh my… thank you. Phyllis hangs up as Nick arrives. She’s off to put out another fire – see you later!

Adam’s in a calmer frame of mind when he comes home. Chelsea is too. Let’s move closer to Connor – and get away from your family and GC asap.

After a trip to the zoo, Abby and Chance are back at the park. When she comments that swans mate for life (unlike Newmans) he suggests they give it a try. There’s something Abby wants to say – I’m not falling in love with you, I’m already there. Chance is too. I love you.

Ponte Vecchio! Phyllis shouts as she barges into Vikki’s office. Of course, Vikki won’t deny she’s behind it (and now owns 75% of TGP) It was a good business opportunity – you shouldn’t have left yourself exposed (or gone behind my back in an attempt to lure NE’s clients to your hotel) TGP MY hotel! Wait til Nick hears this! Phyllis sputters. Unconcerned, Vikki asks how much she wants for the other 25%.

Chelsea continues to work on Adam, insisting they pack up and leave GC.

Having brought Lily to Society to hear her ideas (without cell phones or computers to distract them) Billy doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about a series of articles on gerrymandering or corruption in bidding on infrastructure projects. He does show interest in a ring of female jewel thieves in Europe who donate to local children’s charities. Oh look, here’s a scowling Victor.