Thursday, October 8th, 2020

Amanda recommends Phyllis hire Christine Williams to represent her against the Newmans. Quickly rejecting that idea, Phyllis wants her brilliant best friend. I signed an exclusive contract with ChanceCom, Amanda can only advise Phyllis to be careful and only bet what she’s willing to lose. Yes, Phyllis has considered how this might affect her relationship with Nick but isn’t worried that she’ll lose him.

Nate runs into Nick on the CL’s patio. He’s been burning the candle at both ends, not making enough time for Amanda. Nick’s got a lot going on too – New Hope, single Dad and family drama. Ah yes, the expose on Adam. Yes, it’s been hard on Faith. Nick hasn’t thought of Adam as his brother in a long time. Some betrayals are so beyond the pale, you lose the right to call yourself family.

Devon did come upstairs after his call – Elena was napping. Wanna go see what’s cooking at Society? Elena would rather stay home. Fine with Devon. I’ll pamper you tonight, he goes into the kitchen.

Back at Society, Billy guesses exactly what Victor said to Lily about him. This job, this truth-telling mission is what keeps him from going off the rails. He also appreciates Lily sticking up for him. I’m responsible for Hilary’s death, Lily’s made mistakes and is having to rebuild her life too. We’re both works in progress.

Victor drops by Vikki’s office. To make peace, he claims.

Nick returns to TGP to immediately admit that he went to see Vikki. No, Phyllis isn’t mad – is your sister still hell-bent on destroying me? Nick thinks the best thing to do is give her some space. Vikki’s getting heat for Billy running the story (without considering the consequences; like Faith) Stay under her radar, Nick advises.

Victor adores his daughter; I don’t want to control you – I miss you. Why the hell are you being so difficult? Isn’t there a way to get over this?

Elena gets a text from Nate – Are you OK? I can’t keep doing this, she replies – It isn’t fair to him. I get it, Nate responds – but don’t do anything until we talk. After checking the fridge, Devon has two options – we can order in or order in. Okay, tomorrow, Elena types then tells Devon that she can’t spend the day with him tomorrow. She agreed to take Nate’s shift. Devon understands, knowing Elena doesn’t like to go back on a commitment. Let’s make the best of the time we have right now, Elena initiates a kiss.

Making out on the sofa, Devon’s alarmed by Elena’s tears. Let’s try make this last forever – I love you, Devon. I love you more, he says.

Nick’s making spaghetti and meatballs, smores for dessert – then he’ll let Phyllis beat him at video games. Knowing Nick’s trying to distract, Phyllis can’t leave the hotel. They do have time for a game of pool though.

Billy’s brought Lily back safely to TGP; can’t be too careful with Adam around. Lily agrees to a nightcap but will have to take a raincheck (Mattie wants to talk)

Vikki wants clarification on her Dad’s desire to heal the rift between them and how he plans to ‘make amends and move forward’? Victor wants to take Newman’s media division back from Billy. Vikki balks at the idea that she’s the one in need of redemption. You always hold Adam to a different standard. I’m sure you can show yourself out, Vikki leaves.

Next week: Chelsea’s at ChanceCom to tell Billy that she’d like to spend some time with Johnny. What!? He’s astounded…. Chance is with Paul at CL’s – will I be joining the department or are you rescinding the offer? … Is something going on with Elena? Devon can’t help but wonder if Nate knows what it is.