Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Mariah’s at TGP to check out the facilities for a girl’s day to celebrate Sharon’s engagement. Devon’s there to meet Amanda. No, it’s no longer ‘weird’ for him; Amanda’s her own person, very different from Hilary. And Lily? She’s dealing OK. Nate’s not. He gets the feeling there’s nothing there between him and Amanda (who might be setting herself up for disappointment)

The awkwardness continues at the clinic. Devon’s getting an award for humanitarian work, Elena mentions. Yeah, he does deserve it. Shame and guilt are killing her. Nate too. As he follows her out of the exam room, Amanda watches through the window.

Surprised to bump into Kyle on the CL’s patio, Theo jokes about the fastest honeymoon in history – what went wrong? Who bailed? Summer, he guesses. Go run your mouth somewhere else, Lola appears. There she is, right on cue, Theo leaves Lola to scold Kyle for coming to her restaurant of all places. Did you come for pity sex? If so, the kitche’s closed. Disguised in a hat and glasses, an eavesdropping Summer’s busted by Faith.

I’m an adrenaline junkie, Billy reminds Lily. Yes, this job IS important to him and he likes working with Lily. You got what you wanted, she stresses – Adam’s angry and alone; Connor’s in boarding school and Chelsea might not stick around. You won. Adam’s life is wrecked. Maybe have some compassion.

Back at the penthouse, Adam mopes over a newspaper article/photo of him and Sharon serving the homeless at CL’s. Looking depressed, he burns it in the fireplace.

This all looks good. Amanda congratulates Devon on his award – be proud. He is – it’s nice to be recognized. Amanda hired a detective to solve the mystery of who she is and where she came from. Also, she’s starting a new life; Nate ended things.

Kyle thought he and Lola were in a good place. Why go off on me like that? You don’t get it, she’s frustrated. No, explain it to me.

At Chancellor Park, Summer tells Faith that getting married is a big step. Yes, her history with Kyle is a bit like Dad’s with Sharon. Concerned that Kyle’s not ready to commit, Summer needed to take a step back. He can’t know I’m in town. Faith won’t judge Summer ‘stalking’ Kyle because she sometimes wishes she could hide too.

Sharon’s going through wedding magazines when she gets the call. Her test results are in.

How’s your Mom? Summer asks. She and Rey are getting married, Faith guesses it’s good news – everyone’s fake happy but we don’t know the results of her surgery. Summer offers support anytime Faith needs to talk. Ditto – Faith clearly thinks Summer’s the one who needs someone to talk to.

Getting a text a from Jordan, Faith has to go – don’t do anything crazy, she runs off.

On the patio, Lola continues to grill Kyle – why come to Society? Think about what that says to me, she huffs off. Kyle then calls Jen – it’s been a while, you’ve been on my mind. I might be in NY soon; he wants to see her.

Updating Devon that Nate just said that things aren’t working out, Amanda concludes that there’s better matches for both of them out there.

Still awkward with Nate, Elena’s going to check in at GCM. Nate looks agonized as he watches her leave.

Lily’s been on the receiving end of forgiveness – and knows Billy’s been given second and third chances. Billy quips that she’s the cute angel on my shoulder. Lily will be that if that’s what it takes. Smiling, Billy seems to really like that.

Adam’s on his phone ordering a tail on Rey – who he’s seeing, what he does; all of it.

Rey rushes into the house – I’m here; whatever it is! A teary eyes Sharon tells him that her margins are clear – I’m on my way to being cancer-free!