Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

At CL’s, Devon asks Nate how his hand is and hopes he’ll still be able to be a surgeon. Elena’s move out. You think she’ll move in with me? Nate doesn’t – she was vulnerable and threatened by what was going on between you and Amanda. It was my fault, not Elena’s. Don’t wreck what you guys have over me. It’s wrecked thanks to both of you, Devon states.

Summer’s so sorry about Dina – I cared about her too. Kyle knows. then rehashes him texting Lola the night before they were to get married. Kyle was trying to be decent – you’re blowing everything out of proportion. Jack calls – I need you to come to the house. I’ll explain when you arrive. It’s OK, we’re done here, Summer leaves.

At the park, Gloria’s grumbling is interrupted when Jack strolls over. No, he won’t pretend he misses her. She won’t be here long; Hollywood (and her film producer boss) awaits – but she might be willing to stay if Jack offers her a lucrative position at Jabot.

Lily’s at the penthouse to check on Devon. She’s furious at both Elena and Nate. Devon tells her not to worry – he won’t let this destroy him.

Elena’s just put her lab coat on when Nate arrives at the clinic to lock eyes with her.

Still at the park, Chloe wonders if Gloria’s thinking of coming back to GC – she asked Kevin to cut her some slack but has to agree with him that something’s a bit off – like you aren’t telling the full story. You’re siding with Kevin and Mike against me? Indignant then whiney, Gloria now claims that she’s lonely and longs for a home; family. I need love and support too.

Jack’s gathered the Abbott’s to talk about the amazing gift Dina gave them in her final moments; a flood of kindness and caring; we felt the power of her message. He thought about buying the necklace but it shouldn’t be locked in a vault. So he did this – all gaze at the contents of the box.

Jack hired a master jeweler – he designed a piece for each family member; so we can all have a piece of the Teardrop with us. Lauren will hold on to the main stone. Cherish it and always remember what it meant to Dina – she and John are looking down on us. Jack steps aside to talk to a subdued Kyle; he thinks the timing ironic to receive a symbol of eternal love. Summer’s been spying on me and decided I’m still in love with Lola. Jack suggests Kyle take his grandmother’s message to heart – love survives.

Devon will focus on the good work he’s doing. Lily’s proud that he’s continuing Dad’s legacy. As for the keeping-it-in-the-family-cheating, Hilary and I were in love, what Elena and Nate have isn’t the same – they just hooked up. She says she loves me but I’m done with her. Devon just needs some time to process that his cousin had sex with his girlfriend. Lily loves Devon – you need to deal with this.

Nate wants to talk about what happened between them that night – he can’t say these things to anyone else. He hates that he hurt Devon; hates seeing regret in Elena’s eyes. You’re everything I wanted, everything I still want.

Nate needs Elena to hear this – everything makes sense to him after making love to Elena; he’s wanted her for a long time and has never been more certain of anything in his life. You can’t feel that, she runs off.

Amanda drops by the penthouse to see how Devon’s doing. Yes, he’s OK with her telling Lily. Come to think of it, there is something she can do for him. Name it. He’s going to see an artist he’s thinking of signing to LP. Come to New York with me.

Mike begrudgingly agrees with Kevin that Gloria might be on the level and we’re being complete jerks. When Gloria returns, they go overboard in making her feel welcome. We really are happy to see you. After Gloria goes up to bed, Chloe quietly tells the boys that they were right. Gloria’s definitely up to something.

Jack’s on the CL’s patio telling Lauren that the family is grateful to have part of the necklace and memory of Dina. He shares a dream of his Mother that he hasn’t told anyone else. Jack woke up in tears but feeling renewed. Yes, that does make sense to Lauren – you’re closing one chapter and starting a new one. Jack doesn’t know where his life’s going but senses a turning point. Wherever or whoever it is, Lauren hopes it’s magical.

In the park, Summer’s having flashbacks of her relationship with Kyle when he runs up to assure Summer that he loves her with all his heart. He won’t push her to do anything but he will prove that she can trust him – we WILL be together. Summer stands but is still frowning and looking hurt.