Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Chelsea worried that Adam was being pushed beyond his limit – that he wanted to retaliate against Victor. She reached out to Chance because he’s Adam’s only friend. Rey suspects that Chance became so worried about Adam that he started tailing him. He also can tell that Chelsea still loves and wants to protect Adam.

Back at the penthouse, Adam admits to his pesky younger self that he was right – I came so close. But your friend stopped you, the boy chirps. Yes, and he paid the price – that bullet was meant for me, Adam’s wracked with guilt.

Abby never understood Chance’s loyalty to Adam. Understanding why she doesn’t want her family to come to the hospital, Billy offers to sit with Chance while Abby gets some fresh air. Abby’s suddenly suspicious – then furious that he’s just after a story on Adam while Chance is fighting for his life!

Lily’s been cancer-free for so long she doesn’t think about it much. She feels blessed and knows Sharon will feel more grateful every day. The fear of recurrence never completely goes away but it fades. We’re fighters, survivors – nothing can take that away from us.

Of course Chelsea still loves Adam, and Connor loves his Dad. The building Chance was shot behind is owned by Adam, Rey gets Chelsea to confide that she was held hostage; likely so she couldn’t stop Adam from carrying out his plan. She found the schematics for Newman Towers on his laptop, marked with an X.

What is wrong with you?? Abby scowls. Billy wants Adam to pay for all the hurt he’s caused – don’t you? Yes, Abby’s mad, she’s also confused and exhausted. She doesn’t care about Billy’s story. Not now, she begs. Billy’s sorry – OK. After he leaves, Adam pokes his head out.

Through her tears, Abby promises Chance that he’ll be the loving husband and Father he’s meant to be.

An emotional Chelsea calls Connor – I just wanted to hear your voice. You can’t talk to Daddy right now, sorry. I know you miss him. I understand. I know. Chloe and Kevin come in to hover as Chelsea ends her agonizing call and sinks into a chair looking devastated.

Cue the musical montage – Billy’s back at ChanceCom to watch Lily working at her desk. He takes a seat – they share a look. Lily looks away… Sharon smiles when Rey returns to CL’s…. Kevin and Chloe know that Rey suspects Adam shot Chance; they were eavesdropping. Chelsea worries Adam may go further than he ever has.

Chance? Abby’s ecstatic when her beloved opens his eyes – I’m right here. Hi. Don’t try to speak. I knew you’d come back to me. Adam looks through the window – then leaves.

Lily and Sharon do a PSA cor cancer.org.