Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Billy tells Lily and Amanda that the cops seem determined to pin Chance’s shooting on him. I told you I might need a lawyer; that time has come.

With Chance sleeping, Abby’s slipped out to meet her Mom at Society. Ashley’s eager to help plan the wedding – then stunned to hear it’ll take place in a week.

Back at ChanceCom, Lily and Billy disagree on whether Amanda should represent him. Lily thinks he needs a criminal lawyer, Billy needs a lawyer he can trust. You think I did it, he doesn’t blame anyone for that but promises he didn’t try to shoot Adam. Lily believes him. Good, now Billy needs the police to do the same.

You’re the Father of my son, the man I mourned, but if Chelsea takes Adam back she’ll always worry he might have another break down (and how that might hurt Connor) Adam will go anywhere in the world and never look back, if Chelsea will come with him.

Billy apologizes for assuming that Amanda would take him on as a client. She’s willing and qualified to represent him. Lily’s not sure she’s a match for Mike Baldwin and what about your work here? We have a great team, Amanda can do both – this will be in your best interest. Whatever happens to Billy affects ChanceCom.

You’d be willing to leave GC with me and Connor? Chelsea doesn’t believe Adam would turn his back on the Newmans. Pick a direction, name a place – we can leave first thing in the morning. All Adam needs is Chelsea’s forgiveness.

Victor drops by CL’s to ask Sharon to help Adam – he has no one else to talk to.

Do you really think you can pull it together in a week? Ashley’s mildly worried but onboard to help. Chance summoned Dad to ask for his blessing. Yes, he really is ‘sweet’. Ashley’s so proud of Abby and can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle.

Amanda insists Billy pay her retainer from his personal funds – the company shouldn’t pay. Billy quickly agrees to that but isn’t happy when Lily decides he should step down from ChanceCom.

Seriously!? Chelsea looks at Adam’s phone as it rings. It’s Sharon, your one true love, she snarls (clearly hurt) Adam vows that Chelsea’s the only woman he loves and claims to understand that she needs time to think.

Abby comes home to a surprise lunch Chance has ordered up. She brought take out home. Pity I’m not eating for two, she jokes.

Amanda leaves to let the partners hash it out. When Lily again insists that Billy step down from ChanceCom, he cuts her off to agree – he’ll miss the job, the perks (being in the same room as Lily – wondering when and how she’s going to kiss him again) Choked up, Billy he goes to pack a few things.

Chelsea returns to the Chancellor estate to text Connor – she’s working on coming down to visit (with your Dad)

At CL’s, Sharon tells Rey that Victor told her Adam was plotting an attack against the Newmans. He came to her with a request – she said ‘yes’.

Victor’s at the penthouse to tell Adam that he needs professional help. Son, what’s happened to you? Don’t make this any harder than it already is. Adam looks about ready to cry.