Monday, December 7th, 2020

The Abbott’s tell their lawyer that they’ve decided as a family to offer Theo something to settle out of court. He and Brittney then arrive. How was Abby’s wedding? Drama free – family only, she replies. The attorney announces that the family is willing to make an offer; a profitable boutique in Paris. ‘It’s a start’, according to Theo.

When Adam walks into Society, Vikki snarks – one more meal before you hit the road? Chelsea and I have some unfinished business – we’re not leaving town right now, Adam says flatly.

At the Chancellor estate, Chloe wants to bring in a mediator; no, not Kevin – someone guaranteed to put a smile on Chelsea’s face – Myles. Chelsea would love that; she could use some sunshine right now.

Briefly left alone with Summer, Sally bombards her with offers to help (IE, with her LA connections) No need, Summer will have her own assistant soon (and Lauren will need you) Sally continues – she can be a liason, like she is with Lauren and Jack (and Kyle of course) When Lauren reappears, Sally is indeed ready to go. Summer’s left looking unsettled.

Jack makes it clear that this offer isn’t a first step – this is the only offer Theo will receive for them. Brittney shuts Theo up to play hardball – the wealthy Abbott’s have denied the child of Dina’s firstborn son any financial benefit. Dina sent money to the family who adopted Eric Vanderway – Theo has a legitimate claim on her estate. Kyle erupts – Dina barely knew Theo! See you in court, Britney snaps (as Theo smirks)

Jack asks for a moment alone with Theo; who comments that he’s even managed to get on the bad side of ‘the nice one’ (Traci)

Not impressed with Jack’s generous offer, Theo knows that the Paris boutique wasn’t mentioned in Dina’s will – it didn’t matter to her, and it doesn’t to you. What are you trying to prove? Jack asks.

When Adam refuses to divulge the reason he’s not leaving town as planned, Vikki suspected as much. You don’t know how to say goodbye to us. She’ll always worry about Connor, her nephews’ emotional wellbeing, as long as Adam’s in his life.

I love you, Chelsea coos at the baby in her arms. She can’t help but feel optimistic. Putting a sleeping Myles down, Chelsea confides her bad news. I have a cerebral aneurysm. Adam managed to get me an appointment with a specialist tomorrow. Don’t start – I love and need him; I’m scared – I can’t face this alone. You have me, Chloe vows.

Chloe drove me home, Chelsea reports that she had a nice visit. She’s all talked out but hungry. Adam already picked up food from Society – let’s talk about Christmas. Chelsea’s sure everything will be OK.

Jack took Theo in – gave him a job. Which you took away, Theo feels like he was pushed into desperate actions (because he was shunned) Surprised to hear that Theo feels that way, Jack’s angered when he presumes to know how Dina would feel. Grieving?! You might as well spit on her grave! Anyone with decency or common sense would accept this offer – which expires tomorrow. Take us on, I dare you. You cannot win this fight. Think long and hard about your next move. You may remember this as the moment you lost EVERYTHING!