Monday, December 7th, 2020

Jack’s gathered his sisters and Kyle to discuss Theo’s lawsuit to get his hands on Dina’s estate. Ashley and Kyle are opposed to offering Theo something to settle out of court – we need to shut him down fast and forever.

Lauren and Summer clink coffee mugs at CL’s to toast Fenmore’s officially acquiring JVC. Everything is falling into place for Summer; with this new job and with Kyle.

Theo’s with Sally at TGP to ask what the Abbott’s plan of attack is. She overheard that they won’t budge and have no intention of giving him any of Dina’s estate. Now, quid pro quo – Sally wants info on Summer.

At the penthouse, Adam gives Chelsea shocking news; her CT scan revealed a small cerebral aneurysm. It might have been caused by the fall in the elevator. You didn’t faint – you had a seizure. We’ll handle this together, he reassures.

Victor’s at NE to try convince Vikki that Adam’s no threat to her, he’s leaving tonight. Vikki scoffs – we’ll see how long that lasts. She doesn’t see Adam the same way Victor does so won’t debate it. We protect our own, Victor wants her to be more compassionate.

Theo’s not impressed with Sally’s intel. She warns that he has no idea who he’s dealing with and wants Summer gone from JVC (not dead) OK, Theo informs that Summer’s jealousy over Kyle is her kryptonite; fear of losing him will throw her off her game.

Adam can only imagine what Chelsea’s thinking right now but firmly insists they aren’t getting on a plane tonight as planned. Connor needs you healthy and alive; so do I.

Chloe’s not sure it’s a good idea to see Chelsea. Kevin encourages her to try one more time to get through to her – or at least say a proper goodbye to your BFF.

As Summer suggests a retro-inspired collection, Sally blows in like a hurricane to apologize for being late. Lauren scolds her assistant – punctuality is important, but hearing everything Sally’s taken care of, is impressed. Summer, not so much.

Back at TGP, Britney Hodges asks Theo if he’s ready for battle – lose the scowl and defeatist attitude. Theo’s disappointed; he thought he had some insight but his source came up short. When Theo puts on an air of confidence, Brittney declares him ready.

When Jack wants to take a vote, Traci asks for a show of hands; all in favour of making this lawsuit go away? (Jack’s idea)

The phone on speaker, Adam asks the specialists’ receptionist to check her calendar one more time. Oh? You’re Victor Newman’s son? Bring Chelsea tomorrow morning. Adam then agrees that as soon as she gets the all-clear, they can leave. Getting a text from Chloe, Chelsea allows ‘control freak’ Adam to drive her over.

Lauren gives Sally some instructions; get PR working on this – she wants to do a major press release to announce Summer being named president of JVC. Sally offers her services to Summer; if there’s anything you need, just ask. She hopes she’s not coming on too strong. Not at all, Lauren waves her off – she can’t wait to see what her talented team comes up with.