Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

Phyllis is fake-barfing over ChanceCom’s glowing piece on Vikki; the greatest businesswoman of the 21st century, when Nick arrives. Ranting a bit, Phyllis decides – either she goes or I go – and I’m not going anywhere.

At NE, Vikki ends a call with a reporter (you can quote me on that) as her Father arrives to warn that defending Billy might not be a good idea – he might be found guilty – and then you’ll have to sit Johnny and Katie down to tell them Daddy’s in prison.

Abby and Chance are now kissing in a more luxurious suite in Bora Bora. They have a fun evening planned before heading back to town tomorrow.

Wowed by how great she looks, Lola encourages Elena; who doesn’t think she deserves a night out with Nate (because she hurt Devon) OK, she likes Nate and is willing to see where this goes.

At the penthouse, Lily’s optimistic that Devon will forgive Nate – time heals all wounds. Oh yeah? When was the last time you spoke to Cane? Point taken, Lily’s then asked about her friend, Billy.

Declining Chance’s ideas, what Abby really wants to do is have a talk about what their life is going to be like when they get home – where will we live?

Vikki bought 75% of my hotel to make me miserable, she’s a micromanager; a nuisance, Phyllis whines (but doesn’t want Nick to be in the middle) He told his sister that if push comes to shove, he’s on Phyllis’ side. Nick’s already put the incident with Faith aside (Phyllis isn’t sure they’ve dealt with it)

Victor can’t stand the SOB but didn’t frame Billy Boy. You think he’s innocent – Adam’s your brother (who’s left town right away) He didn’t, and Vikki’s 100% sure Billy isn’t guilty. Whatever happens, Victor will be there for her and the children.

At TGP, Jill knows Billy would like to put Adam in a deep dark hole (but that he didn’t do it, this time) As she guessed, Billy wouldn’t have left the country – he’s going to fight this. Jill’s sorry she can’t be at his side.

Jill must to to Australia to be with Philip (who got an infection after his appendicitis surgery) Don’t get cocky, don’t piss anyone off you may need on your side, she advises. Be as good as Lily says you are, Jil orders. No tears, not hugs – I love you more than life itself, Jill leaves before tears spill. That leaves Amanda to tell Billy that unless he’s honest with her, she won’t be his lawyer.

You want to start our new life living with Kevin, Chloe and Ester? Abby’s underwhelmed. They’re looking for a place and Ester’s going with them, Chance easily convinces Abby (who then wants to discuss her last name)