Friday, December 11th, 2020

Left alone to think, Theo sends Jack a text that elicits an ‘ugh’ – he wants to meet; says we’ll want to take this meeting. When Sally appears, Jack leaves her to blather on about Fenmore’s virtual dressing room. She’s surprised that his ideas mirror hers. You’re really good at this, she says before exiting.

At Society’s bar, Theo tells Summer that he’s taking her advice – and has some in return; don’t underestimate Sally. She wants your job and will use Kyle to get it.

Amanda guesses Lily’s talking Billy down from doing something he shouldn’t. Speaking hypothetically, she implies that sometimes a client should take a deal. Devon thinks her capable of blowing up any DA’s case.

Billy doesn’t agree that Alyssa was on the scene coincidentally. A light bulb going off above his head, he suddenly knows what she’s doing. Lily follows him onto the elevator.

Alyssa’s working with Adam or Victor to frame him, Billy hisses at Lily (upstairs, in the hallway) Don’t do this, Lily implores. Billy needs to do this – knock knock.

At CL’s, Nate gets a call from his doctor – tell me you have my test results.

Elena’s date with Nate started off awkwardly but went well overall. No, it wasn’t a perfect date – Devon showed up for takeout. They were so busy in the ER that she didn’t get a chance to talk to Nate about it. He’s a gifted surgeon, she hopes he’ll be able to operate again.

I’m innocent, Billy shouts as he bangs on the door. That’s for a jury to decide – what the hell are you doing? Rey appears.

Do I need to be worried? Devon asks. Not about Lily, Amanda then explains that if she can’t guarantee a jury acquitting, a deal makes sense. Not her problem anymore. Devon invites her to donner (but wait, there’s more praise before he leaves)

Rey scolds Lily and Billy; who’ll now have to take him downtown.

Without any subtlety at all, Lola leaves the apartment so Nate can talk to Elena. What brings him here? He got a call from his doctor – looks like he needs to clear his schedule tomorrow.

In the boardroom, Theo announces that he’s decided to take the offer in Paris. Checking the time on his phone, Kyle smugly says the offer expired 45 minutes ago. Theo would like to from the adult in the room – am I too late Jack?

This is insane, Billy’s in handcuffs. Rey warns Lily to keep out of it – she’s lucky she’s not arrested for witness intimidation. You know I didn’t do this! Billy rants. It doesn’t matter what I believe – let’s go.

Lola’s downstairs to chat with Sharon about Nate and Elena (meant to be a couple like her and Rey) Like the couple who haven’t chosen a honeymoon destination yet? Sharon’s left wearing a fake smile.

Nate’s to have another surgery – which should mean he can operate again, He credits Elena and has a good feeling where things will end and hopes she does too.

Alone with Theo, Jack calls him a user – you challenged my Mother’s will while we were still grieving. You deserve nothing. However, Jack’s also seen another side of Theo – he’s going to give him the boutiques in Paris. You’re right, Dina would have put you in her will in time. He then hints that the Abbott’s could visit him in Paris. Theo promises to run the boutiques ethically (and with online influencers) At the door, Theo pauses – part of me is looking forward to this.

As Billy leads the way out of TGP (Rey and Lily behind) Amanda appears – You need representation more than ever – please don’t push me away again. I know how to help you.