Thursday, December 17th, 2020

A guard comes to let Billy out of his cell. He’s not sure why – he’s just following orders. Orders from who? Billy wants to know.

Nate looks at his hand and it doesn’t make sense; doesn’t feel real – he’s a doctor, as is his Mother. After his Dad died, Nate channeled everything into becoming a surgeon – it’s not just a career, it’s a passion. Now, one moment has taken all that. Who am I if not a surgeon? Just a guy who used to be good at something. Briefly blaming herself, Elena hopes for a Christmas miracle. Nate has an idea – let’s take that first step forward.

Billy won’t speak to Mike without his lawyer. Amanda shows up on cue to ask what’s going on.

Rey places Alyssa under arrest for the attempted murder of Philip Chancellor.

No word from Rey? Abby asks. Chance gets a text – Billy’s been released. He was set up after all – by Alyssa. The reporter? Pretending to be surprised, Abby admits she was eavesdropping on her husband and Rey. Chance needs to tell someone else about this news.

Mike arrested Billy on the evidence he had at the time – but now apologizes on behalf of the city and DA’s office. Yes, the charges against Billy are dropped. You’re free to go, Amanda clarifies.

Nate’s idea is to set up and decorate a Christmas tree in the apartment.

On video chat, Jill’s relieved when Chance updates that Billy’s been released – then laughs when hearing about the honeymoon suite hiccup. With love you’s, Chance logs off. He feels like the luckiest man in the world – but is alarmed to see that Abby’s about to start crying.

Rey’s back at the station to wrap up loose ends with Mike. Alyssa confessed; he knew something was off when they arrested Billy – but they wouldn’t have solved the case so quickly without Lily.

At Society, Billy and Amanda praise Lily for solving the case. The three of you have been working together? Oh no, Amanda’s an officer of the court after all – these two did this on their own. Vikki would never have suspected Alyssa. Learning that Adam killed her Father must have tipped her over the edge. Billy thanks everyone then steals Lily away for a private word (as Amanda gives Vikki a smug look)

Good thing the courier delivered these fast, Nate puts ornaments on the tree. He’s feeling much happier – must be a Christmas miracle, he thanks Elena.

Abby’s now realizing how scared she was that Billy may have been the one to shoot him. He could have been convicted for something he didn’t do. Sorry – I had a moment. We’ll get through everything life throws at us, together, Chance offers Abby unconditional love and support.

On the CL’s patio, Mike wanted to be the one to tell Victor that they’ve arrested the real shooter; Alyssa Montello. You never wanted Billy to go to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. This outcome doesn’t just spare Billy, it spares Johnny and Katie – it’s good news. If you say so, Victor thanks Mike as he leaves.

At the bar, Billy expresses his gratitude to Lily – you didn’t give up on me. No, and she never will. Across the room, Vikki’s practically green with envy.

Next week: So, you think the idea of your ‘whatever’ with Lily is bothering me? Is it? Billy seems to already know the answer … Jordan hatches a plan at Society – she’ll ask Lola about how she became a chef and while she’s distracted, Faith’s to grab a bottle from behind the bar and stick it in her purse…. Amanda got a call from her PI – he thinks he found her. Who? Devon asks. My … birth Mother, Amanda replies.

My Thoughts: Surely the good doctor who’s ‘out of it’ due to anesthesia and meds didn’t drive himself to CL’s – and doesn’t the hospital require you to have someone else drive you home? Didn’t Elena even offer? … So we’re expected to believe that Nate ordered Christmas ornaments and had them couriered over immediately? … I’m still not used to Mike’s silver dome – but it’s nice to have the Baldwins make an appearance every now and then – even if they’re relegated to propping up as opposed to featuring in storylines … Is it wise for the DA to be talking about a high-profile case in a busy coffee shop? Has he even told Adam yet? …. Glad to see Chance back looking healthy after his recent bout with the dreaded Covid. It must suck to be inflicted with a possibly deadly virus, stuck watching at home while your onscreen partner makes it obvious how much she’s enjoying your replacement (obviously, since he’s her hubby irl)