Monday, December 21st, 2020

Chloe’s not having second thoughts – she loves their new house; their family, their life. What is this? she picks up the ‘idol’. When Kevin finds a thumbdrive, they speculate on what’s on it – we should definitely put it back (or not)

Billy exchanges pleasantries with Abby and Chance then leaves them to chat. It’ll happen for us, Abby’s sure. Inspired by Billy, Chance sends his wife off to shop while he goes to cook up a surprise.

Lily arrives to ask what a girl has to do to get a drink around here. She likes the decorations, the music – Billy plays bartender – they toast to freedom and fun.

Chance returns to the estate to chat with Kevin. Is this yours? No, it’s not Chance’s or Abby’s – probably Jill’s; I’ll give it to her. It’s Ester’s, Chloe walks in to announce. Clueless, Chance leaves the Fisher’s to look pleased with themselves.

Elena claims to be too exhausted to invite Nate upstairs. Devon said we should all move on with our lives, but Nate won’t pressure her. He does have something to say that might make things better.

Lily couldn’t eat another thing and is relieved to hear that Lola’s done cooking. Billy now wants to do something he’s been fantasizing about for a while. Where? Here? The big easy is New Orleans, not me – it’s a dance Billy has in mind. Lily’s delighted.

Abby comes home to find that Chance has brought the beach to the estate. And here’s a wrapped box – a baby ornament – this is what we’ll be celebrating this time next year.

Nate proposes a getaway to Elena. She’s not ready but will think about it. I’ll wait to hear from you, Nate leaves (as does Elena)

Do it – we need some excitement in our lives, Chloe encourages (at CL’s) Firing up his laptop, Kevin sighs – on no. It’s Gloria’s. Easily guessing her password, Kevin (and Chloe) are stunned to find that someone’s been embezzling from NE and sending the funds to an offshore account. How did Gloria get this info and what will she do with it?

Amanda’s at Devon’s penthouse to update Devon that her PI may have found her birth Mother.

Lola comes out for praise – she’s happy Billy and Lily enjoyed their evening. Enjoy your time in Miami, they return her politeness and leave her to lock up.

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