Monday, December 28th, 2020

Asked to update Summer on some business matters, Sally admits that there’s some friction between them – thanks to a rumour someone started. Lauren and Jack guess that someone is Theo.

Elena surprises Nate by agreeing to go upstairs with him – room service sounds great.

Offering to help with the article on Chance, Abby joins Lily (while Billy goes to line up a writer) At the mention of kids, Lily knows Abby will be an amazing Mom.

Claiming that Theo started rumours because she wouldn’t side with him against the Abbotts, Sally would appreciate Jack having a word with Summer.

Coming home, Faith heads upstairs to practice hairstyles for the wedding. When Rey arrives, Nick claims he’s there to take him to his bachelor party.

Rey’s horrified to hear that all his friends on the force are waiting at Jimmy’s (along with dancers from Crazy 8) I really had you going, Nick laughs. The look on your face, Sharon cackles. After Nick goes home to Christian, Sharon says she can’t wait to marry Rey.

In a suite upstairs, Elena’s had enough wine. We can just talk or watch a movie, Nate can tell she’s nervous. Elena realizes she’s still not ready – and worries their relationship may never be what Nate wants it to be (because of how it started)

As Lily takes a call from Mattie, Chance is greeted by Billy (and Abby; who announces that ChanceCom’s doing an article on his heroics) Chance would rather not have his name linked to Adam’s. Billy will let him read it first; the story includes everyone else who helped; like Rey and Lily (who returns to hear that Chance is ‘good to go’)

Mom? Rey? The coast clear, Faith fills a water bottle with booze; a lot of booze. Putting it in her purse, she sends Jordan a text; hope I see you tomorrow – I have a surprise for you.

Now home, Abby’s been doing some research on how to increase her chances of getting pregnant. Chance is sure it won’t be a problem. You got pregnant before, you will again.

You’re quiet, Billy comments as he and Lily arrive at TGP. She wonders whether he’s thought about having more kids. No, it’d be unfair to Johnny and Katie. Lily doesn’t want more either – she’s excited for the next stage in her life. Join me upstairs for a nightcap? Thought you’d never ask, she follows with a smile.

Alone in his suite, Nate puts his wine glass down to send Elena a text – let me know that you got home OK. Having just arrived at CL’s, Elena replies – I’m fine – sorry about tonight – let’s talk soon.

Faith must have gone to bed already, Sharon assumes when she and Rey come home from a walk. This time tomorrow we’ll be married. Rey can’t wait – neither can Sharon. I love you. I love you too. He jogs up the staircase behind her.

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