Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

At Society for a meeting, Vikki bumps into Billy (getting take out to celebrate a deal with Lily) No, Vikki doesn’t have a problem with them getting serious. Billy gets the feeling that isn’t true.

Vikki thinks Lily’s awesome and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Roping Billy into taking the kids skating, she’s sure Lily will understand – thanks, you’re a lifesaver. Sure, Billy mumbles as he mopes out. When a distraught Abby comes along on her phone, leaving a message for Ashley, Vikki switches to concerned-sister-mode – is something wrong?

The doctors believe Chelsea will make a full recovery, Adam relays. Rey’s happy to hear it. Adam’s about to leave when Chance appears to add his best wishes. Did I say something to offend you? No, Adam’s clearly annoyed – you’ve both been very polite but let’s not pretend. After he stomps out, Sharon comments that it’s hard to see someone in so much pain. Sharon has a big heart, Chance is left to conclude. Yes, and Rey loves her for it.

No, this isn’t something Vikki can help with – Abby’s trying to get pregnant. Vikki can relate – after ‘all those miscarriages’ the doctors didn’t think she’d be able to have a baby. Spotting the man she’s to meet, Vikki tells Abby to stay positive and be patient – think of my miracle baby, Katie.

Billy’s back at ChanceCom with ‘sweets for his sweet’ – and to cancel his plans with Lily. She’s fine with him taking the kids skating. In fact, she’d be mad if he didn’t go (but doesn’t look happy as Billy digs into the boxed treats)

Chatting with Rey at CL’s, Chance confines that he and Abby haven’t had any luck getting pregnant yet. Understanding (but happy to just be Faith’s stepdad) Rey wishes them ‘all the luck in the world’.

Amanda’s back at Devon’s to read a text Naya sent her – ‘I’m so sorry Imani took things to such an extreme’. I feel so much better, Amanda’s sarcastic (and bitter because Naya doesn’t want to talk things out)

Nate’s conflicted about Sofia’s request but not because Devon was the one to relay it. He isn’t sure he’d be a good role model because he’s so angry about his injured hand and isn’t sure he can hide that from Moses. Elena is sure he can.

Billy’s at CL’s to pick up the kids (who’re out on the patio) Vikki’s meeting ended sooner than expected – she’s suddenly free. The kids want them to go skating as a family – you’re OK with that, right?

Adam doesn’t look impressed when he returns home in time to hear Dr Cabbott reassuring Chelsea – it’ll take time, you’ll get there.

Sharon sneaks into the kitchen to gaze at her phone – open to her contacts; Adam, of course.

Adam knows this is hard – but you’re a fighter – you’re going to be back to yourself – I can feel it, he tells Chelsea. Walking Dr Cabbott out, he assumes the session didn’t go well – what are Chelsea’s chances of recovering? Stay upbeat, she advises. Stepping back into the apartment, Adam gets a text from Sharon – let me know if you need anything. He looks conflicted – as Chelsea sits in her chair with a blank expression.

You’re not upset, are you? Vikki thought Billy would enjoy them all spending time together. It doesn’t matter what I think, everything’s arranged, Billy knows that Vikki has no reason to lie – he’s just surprised is all. You used to like surprises, she offers to fix things with the kids so Billy can rejoin Lily. No need, Billy already explained things to her- let’s go enjoy ourselves.

In her office, Lily picks up the phone to order dinner. No, it’ll be just for one, she’s the picture of loneliness.

My birth Mother has no interest in a relationship with me. She doesn’t need to feel guilty because I’m a success. Imani doesn’t need to feel compassion because I turned out OK, Amanda rants. Devon doesn’t understand how someone can be so concerned about their reputation that they’d give up the chance to know their child. Amanda’s determined to forget all about the self-centered power players.

Elena understands Nate’s hesitation but is sure he can step up for Moses without expressing his frustration. You’ve reinvented yourself as a doctor. Nate didn’t have a choice. Malcolm was your role model – you can be that for your cousin. You won’t regret it, she’s sure.

Chance comes home to find Abby crying. Her doctor wants to do a procedure. I have scar tissue from my miscarriage – it might be why I’m not getting pregnant. Chance has no doubt they’ll have a family.