Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Rey came to rake me over the coals for nothing – blaming me because things are going wrong with your life. And what did you have to sneak off into the hall to talk to Victor about? Chelsea snarls to herself. Asking the nurse to run Chelsea a bath, Adam goes to run an errand. Chelsea’s left to eye the phone sitting beside her.

Vikki changes the subject – does Billy want to come skating with her and the kids tomorrow? She only wants to discuss the kids now. OK – See you at the rink later – shall I bring Lily? Of course, Vikki says too quickly.

Lily worries that Devon might be trying to replace the baby he lost with Hilary. Devon talks about the anticipation of being about to be a parent – he wants to be the person to make things happen for Abby and Chance; to be the cool Uncle to their child. In that case, Lily approves of Devon giving them this amazing gift.

Nick finds Rey at Society; surly and drinking alone. Oh? You just dropped by the house? Another interactionSharon won’t tell me about – is there a photo online? Another one of Sharon ezes interfering in our lives – why won’t you Newmans leave us alone!? Nick understands why Rey’s angry but your fight isn’t with me – I’m on YOUR side, Adam’s the enemy here.

Adam only stopped by because Rey’s car isn’t in the driveway. He knows the photo’s out there because Rey stopped by the penthouse to show him (and threaten to arrest him) For what? Sharon balks. He was angry, confused. I told him to calm down so he didn’t upset Chelsea. Are you alright? No, Sharon’s not alright – why did you kiss me? And in a public place!? Nick was here too, very concerned (she’s sarcastic) Oh, it’s everybody’s business thanks to that photo. Adam’s sorry – but that kiss, he can’t get it out of his mind. Momentarily putty, Sharon gives her head a shake – you have to leave and stay away. Adam leaves without further word.

Chelsea’s twitchy hand reaches for the phone. After the nurse passes through and heads upstairs with a smile, Chelsea manages to grab the phone. Now, let’s see what really going on.

Thanks for talking to me, Devon leaves as Billy returns to TGP to tell Lily that he went to Vikki’s to confront her. Lily doesn’t care whose idea it was – we don’t want to go up against the Newmans. Billy doesn’t think Vikki wants to go along with Victor’s plan – she doesn’t want to do that to me.

Victor’s at Vikki’s because he doesn’t like the way they left things – you’re doing a terrific job at Newman. He then pitches Locke’s media company. You just want to use it as a weapon against Billy. Yes, I want to destroy him, Victor’s unapologetic. You’re a Newman – deep down you know you can destroy Billy.

Rey’s sorry he lashes out at Nick – he doesn’t even understand how he and Adam are brothers. He does and says whatever the hell he wants. You’re caught in the middle. Sharon has a huge heart – she thinks she can save him. I think he’s beyond saving. Sharon loves you, don’t give up on her. She needs you now more than ever. On cue. Rey gets a message from Sharon – please come home. I love you.

Managing to flip the phone over, Chelsea sees the photo and replaces the phone while Adam hangs his coat up. He worries about her when he’s away for too long. It’s OK, he says reassuringly (as Chelsea’s eyes dart and shoot daggers)