Monday, March 1st, 2021

You’ve got this – stay focussed, for Connor, Chelsea struggles to sit forward in her wheelchair.

Summer meets Lauren at Society. Yes, her meetings were productive. Lauren knows – she got a call from Bill and a contract from Spencer Publications. Yes, Summer’s seen her Mom. Lauren wonders what Phyllis wants to see her about. Summer sighs.

Kyle wonders if Sally plans to tell Ashlyn Locke or drop hints and tell him to ask me himself (like you did with Summer) He’s not my kid, Kyle insists – but wonders why Sally didn’t just tell Summer.

Sharon spots Adam with Dr Cabbot on the patio. She can’t endorse his idea to move closer to Connor – let’s revisit it when Chelsea shows sign of progress. Any deviation might cause a setback – give it a few more weeks. We’ll talk soon, the Dr leaves. When Adam goes inside, Sharon asks how Chelsea’s doing. How do you think? Adam sighs.

Chloe’s with Chelsea – she made sure Adam wasn’t around. Why haven’t you told him you can move your hand? Don’t cry – we’re going to figure this out. Can you write?

Lauren guesses that Summer knows exactly what Phyllis wants to talk to her about. Sally? Why? Summer assures that if Lauren hears there’s any trouble at the office, it’s not her doing. Leaving, Summer bumps into her Mom. Phyllis reveals nothing – plausible deniability. Frustrated, Summer leaves.

Sally’s not one to spread rumours – she has no proof the boy is Kyle’s son. I’m not going to say anything. Kyle asks again – why not? Sally would prefer they get along, so she can enjoy her new job and friendship with Kyle’s Father. Kyle isn’t sure he can believe that Sally won’t tell anyone about Tara’s son.

At Society, Phyllis tells Lauren that Sally has some sort of plan where Jack’s involved (if her internet search is anything to go by – she’s definitely after him) He’s lonely and will fall for her.

Sally won’t say anything or drop hints to Summer. If you find out that you’re the Father, you should forget you know. Summer won’t forgive you and Ashlyn will come after you. Kyle’s not worried – the kid isn’t mine. Both leave the boardroom – but there’s a phone left behind.

As Chloe encourages her, Chelsea types one word into her phone – Sharon.

Adam agrees it’s time he and Sharon step back – leave Chelsea to me. Sharon asks about his meeting with Dr Cabbot. Adam was asking about leaving town. The dr thought it too soon. Adam agrees they need to put some distance between them (but he can’t leave GC right now)

Sharon, Chloe reads – wasn’t she helping you? Chelsea blinks – no. Is she hurting you? Chelsea blinks yes.

Bumping into Jack at CL’s, Nick gives him a heads up that she’s concerned about his friendship with Sally. Tell her Jack is doing just fine, Jack says firmly.

Jack’s been a mentor to Sally – would it be so terrible if they became friends, or more? Lauren reasons. My daughter’s at risk because Sally’s very ambitious – who knows what she’d do to achieve her goals? Phyllis wonders.

In the boardroom, Gloria tells Summer that Kyle left looking very out of sorts. Oh look, Kyle left his phone behind. Lucky you found it, not someone else, Gloria exits.

Adam and Sharon – what does that mean? No, no! Together!? Chloe’s horrified – but quickly pastes a smile on when Adam comes home. He can take a hint (so goes upstairs – looking mildly suspicious)