Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Down in TGP lobby, Lily thinks Billy’s impromptu closing about the Newmans was good. Here comes the B Team, Billy quips when Victor and Adam arrive. Wear nametags so Locke can keep track of all the Newmans parading through his room, Billy suggests. There’s only two of us, Adam doesn’t get it. You’re all so charismatic it seems like more, Billy jokes, then is left to tell Lily that Vikki’s Dad and brother have no clue she’s bidding – he’d love to see their reaction when they find out.

In the boardroom, Summer’s mouth again hangs open as Jack wonders why Kyle’s distracted and making mistakes – is something going on? We just had an argument, Summer lies. Yes, Jack knows Locke’s in town. He has a not-so-nice version of his negotiation with John many years ago. After Jack walks out to take a call, Kyle gripes about yet another reminder of how ruthless Locke is. He’s so ‘rattled’ he needs to take a walk – alone.

On the CL’s patio, Sally continues to pry info out of Tara. She accompanies her husband on business trips because Ashland doesn’t like her too far away. She doubts Sally will get to meet him unless she has a multi-million dollar deal to discuss. At the counter to place an order, Kyle’s not happy to hear their voices drifting in from the patio.

Spotting Kyle gesturing at her, Sally goes in for a refill. No, she doesn’t know who Tara is – we have a lot in common, like shoes. Relax, she’s pretending she doesn’t know who you are, and Sally won’t blab to Ashland IF Kyle agrees to back off so she can see where things go with Jack.

In the lobby, Billy wants to stick around to say hello to Vikki when she shows up; to mark their territory and throw her off her game. Lily takes a pass – have fun with your ex. Yes, we make a great team, she chuckles on her way out.

In Locke’s suite, Victor clarifies that this offer isn’t from NE (now being run by his daughter Victoria) He’s teamed up with his capable son, Adam (who hands over a folder and begins his pitch; explaining why he and his Father are a perfect package)

We should talk, Kyle joins Tara on the patio.

Locke’s research uncovered some troubling things about Adam; noting info that was published by his competitor. It was a hit piece, but the claims in the expose were true, Adam readily admits. Victor chimes in to praise Adam – look over ChanceCom’s bid then give us a call. Locke’s surprised Victor’s not aware that there’s a third bidder, your daughter.

Back at Jabot, Jack tells Summer that he’s worried about Kyle (his canceled trip, mistakes at work – and he doesn’t believe her story that his son’s distraction was due to an argument with her) Summer looks like she wants to disappear under the desk when Sally barges in to flirt with Jack.

You shouldn’t be here, Tara doesn’t want Kyle and Ashland running into each other again. Forget I have a son. Kyle notes that Ashland seemed ‘kind of nice’. If you cross him he’ll crush you, Tara warns (quickly reassuring that Ashland treats her and Harrison well) Stay away, far away, she warns before hastily exiting.

Suite 602, Billy tells Vikki when she arrives at TGP. Withdraw your bid – I have the winning proposal, she declares confidently. Billy disagrees – Locke will see your true motivation is getting back at your Father and brother. No, Vikki’s motivation is protecting Billy (from being crushed by them) When Victor and Adam appear on cue, Billy sneers – may the best person, not named Newman, win.

Locke calls Tara from the suite – one more meeting, then he can decide and they’ll get back to New York. Vikki is the next bidder to arrive; equally confident and sure that hers is the most generous of the three offers. Locke’s impressed – she’s the only one to come alone. Vikki really likes to win – never more so than right here, right now.