Thursday, March 11th, 2021

‘Tara has her own plans for the evening’, Locke clearly wants to take just Vikki to dinner. Keeping it strictly professional, Vikki looks forward to meeting Tara – if you have any questions about my offer, please call. Enjoy your stay in GC, she tells Locke on her way out.

The therapist sets some ground rules – no interrupting, speak only for yourself. Yes, Sharon has a lot of history with Adam – he’s caused some problems. Rey’s a cop – so knows Adam’s a manipulator. Sharon admits to being exasperated with Adam – he’s the one who won’t move on. Near tears, she tells the therapist that Adam kissed her, a photo was posted online. That kiss was the last straw, Rey jumps in. The therapist summarizes that perhaps Sharon’s frustrated with her husband, not Adam.

Though Sharon promised to stay away from Adam, he’s always dropping CL’s and talking to her, making Rey feel disrespected. Now addressing Sharon, Rey feels her compassion is wasted on someone who’s putting a wedge between them. No, Sharon doesn’t agree that Adam doesn’t deserve compassion – his fiance is paralyzed. I stepped back. It was difficult; Adam’s alone. There’s a reason for that – people have the good sense to stay away from him, Rey grumbles.

Mariah couldn’t find a card that said ‘Happy Fertilization Day’, so she had to get creative. Abby and Ashley are all smiles.

Devon admits he still has feelings for Elena, but he also has feelings for Amanda. Elena blames herself for that. She cared for Nate too – we can’t exactly pick up the pieces and carry on. As insecure as you were about Amanda, now we’ve been together… Devon foresees a problem You’re right, Elena wipes away tears. Devon thinks it best to accept that they weren’t meant to be. I wish you the best. Elena had the best, and I threw it away *sniffle*

Devon’s sorry, knowing it’s not what Elena wanted to hear. He wipes the mascara running under her weepy eyes – then a kiss, then the clothes come off.

Sharon and Rey argue about Adam. He’s manipulative and prone to drama but that’s due to childhood trauma – he’s driven by fear. You’re making excuses for him, again, Rey huffs. Sharon then blabs out the story of Rey ex-wife, Mia (which Rey does NOT appreciate) The therapist sees things they both need to work through.

Mariah’s gift is a ceramic honeypot – and honey – pollination is close to fertilization, she’s excited about this little bundle of joy. Ashley reluctantly agrees that Abby can go to Society – I’ll drive. Mariah just realized – the next time we see each other I could be pregnant with your baby.

Locke’s impressed and wants to hear more, Vikki expects to hear soon. Your Father’s equally confident in Adam’s pitch, Nikki wishes they could play board games like a normal family. It’s more fun this way, Vikki makes her Mother sigh in defeat.

Now alone; Sharon knew it was going to be like this – therapy is more than one hour a week. Rey knows Sharon’s feelings for Adam are more than sympathy; you’ll have to be honest if this is going to work. The counseling or our marriage? Rey – are you OK? Rey’s just a little dizzy – probably from the tension. He ambles into the kitchen to get some water.

Billy and Vikki compare notes. Yes, her pitch went well thanks for asking. Billy wonders why she did it. To protect me? He’s bothered that Vikki sees him as someone who needs protection. You’d do the same for me. No, Billy wouldn’t – because I know you can fend for yourself – but you think I need someone to clean up after me. I thought you had more respect for me.

I can’t believe we did this again, Elena’s under a blanket with Devon. What are we doing? Not making things easier, he gets a text. Amanda? Elena assumes.

Amanda was just saying hi, Devon tells Elena (who’s buttoning up her shirt) She needs time to think and doesn’t want to be his girl on the side. Devon knows he needs to make a choice and stick to it. Agreeing to talk another time, Elena gives him a kiss and leaves.

Vikki’s seen Billy beat Adam and Victor, individually – but not as a team. She doesn’t want to see him goaded into a war, bogged down in the muck again. Why does it matter to you? Billy’s confused. Why take on your Father for the guy who broke your heart? Because I still love you! Vikki loudly blurts out.

Are you leaving? Sharon hoped to talk more. Rey needs to get to the station. Still feeling dizzy? Rey’s sure it’ll pass. As far as counseling goes, he’s willing to keep at it if Sharon is. He’s dizzy again. Is it cold in here? Rey! Sharon shrieks as he passes out where he sits.