Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

Running into Devon at CL’s, Nate gives him a heads up that Amanda figured out what happened between him and Elena – she didn’t hear it from me. Actions have consequences, they agree.

At TGP, Faith excuses herself to type animatedly into her phone while Nick updates Phyllis that Rey’s recovering. Happy to hear it, for Faith’s sake, Phyllis teases Nick for being curious about who Faith’s texting right now (Faith’s new friend is bored and wonders if she wants to play a game)

Despite her mascara running, Sharon’s eyes are ‘wide open’ – it was a slap in the face to realize how much she has to lose. Rey vows that he’s not going anywhere.

You’re gonna lecture me on consequences? Devon doesn’t need to be judged by Nate (who’s not surprised that Elena went running to Devon) They are both looking forward to seeing Moses though. Nate will work him hard at the clinic but will have his back. Devon appreciates that.

‘Mom’s calling’, Faith texts that she’ll play the game later. She’s happy to hear Rey say a few words and updated that the house is being tested. Thrilled to hear that Faith’s decided to go to therapy, Sharon ends the call when Nate returns with troubling news about the amount of poison found in her house, and where.

Nick in Phyllis’ office making a call, Faith asks her about video games, IE Ninja Squirrels. And how does it feel to fall in love? Oh, OK, at your age it’s messy, Phyllis recalls young love as being magical and terrifying.

Back at Society, Lola’s sure Rey will be able to eat all the food she’s making him. She wonders why Elena downplayed her role in saving her brother’s life. Giving all the credit to Nate, Elena smiles – I blew it with two phenomenal guys. Lola insists on another well-deserved girls’ night out.

Devon shows up at Amanda’s suite to apologize and try to make things right – can you just hear me out? She’s understandably livid.

Nick hovers in the background as Faith asks what advice Phyllis would have given her teenage self. Never lose to a boy at a video game on purpose. Faith scurries off when Nick appears with questions. Aw man, he sighs when hearing his daughter’s interested in a boy.

Leaving the door open, Devon’s not asking Amanda to forgive him – just hear me out. If you don’t like it tell me to go to hell. OK, but not now – my Mother’s upset and on her way over. Naya appears on cue. I’ll call you, Devon says before leaving. My family’s in trouble – we need your help, Naya announces.

Am I showing yet? Do I look pregnant? Back at the estate, Mariah’s questions elicit laughs. How do you feel? Abby asks. Mariah feels different – great – like we may have created new life. In nine days, a blood test will confirm whether they did.

Nate relays that the inspectors found an alarming amount of Thallium in body wash, hair gel, shaving cream etc. Sharon wonders why she didn’t get sick. It was only in the men’s products, Nate explains. That makes no sense (to Sharon) It makes perfect sense (to Rey) This was no accident. Someone poisoned me.