Thursday, March 25th, 2021

Amanda’s not sure how Naya goes from wanting to keep her a secret to having her represent the family in a high-profile case for the whole world to see. Naya thinks they can bond over the situation. You want to get to know your family, right? It’s what we all want – to bring you into the fold; the team. You want to use me as a PR stunt, Amanda suspects – if I can forgive, surely the jury can too, right? You’re here to test the waters, she suspects Naya told her Father that they’ve been in contact. Your daughter got a restraining order because she saw me as a threat – but now your family faces a bigger threat. Naya assumed Amanda would want to see her Father’s real killer brought to justice and to be welcomed into the family with open arms.

Naya was scared and desperate when hearing about the accusations against her Father – but she believes this was the reason fate reunited her with Amanda. My Father’s legal team can forward all the information to you. Your grandfather is a private man – he keeps things guarded, even from me. But you’ll get used to it. Don’t assume I’ll say yes, Amanda isn’t sold just yet.

Missing Chance every day and wishing he was here to experience this with them, Abby has an idea; a video diary to show him when he comes home! Thinking that a good idea, Devon has another – let’s go to TGP for dinner to celebrate.

Mariah’s sure Abby and Chance will be the most loving parents in the world – she’s already feeling protective; like a fairy godmother. Sharon wishes she could protect Faith; it’s so unfair what she’s going through. But things are looking up – Faith stood up to her bullies and has agreed to therapy. Meanwhile, at the ranch – things are definitely NOT looking up for Faith; who’s shocked and in emotional agony.

Rey has plenty to update Sharon on. He got a warrant and found all sorts of evidence; Thallium, the missing figurine and a tray Sharon didn’t even mention was missing. What’s the significance of these items? Rey answers his own question. They’re mementos – scattered around the house so you’d see them every day. No, Sharon denies – the figurine is a reminder of her own strength. Rey thinks Adam may have stolen those things to send a message to her; letting Sharon know that he’s the one who tried to poison/kill him.

Nikki rejoins Faith – is everything alright? Trying to hide her tears, Faith’s just playing games on her phone. Oh honey, what is it? Nikki implores – talk to me. The tears now flowing, Faith feels so stupid. Jordan was the one texting her, pretending to be Tommy. Why would she be so mean? *sniffle* She was never your friend to begin with and no better than the other bullies, Nikki needs Faith to believe that the pain she’s feeling will pass.

Now in TGP lobby, Amanda has a lot to think about, so will need time. Naya assures that regardless of what Amanda decides, she wants to continue to build their relationship.

Amanda will contact Naya with her decision. After she leaves, Devon wanders over to comment – that looked intense. He has time before meeting Mariah and Abby for dinner if Amanda needs to talk. Amanda can’t. Devon understands – but you can always trust me to do whatever I can to help you – that’s a promise. Amanda heads to the elevator without responding.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea’s standing up and talking out loud to herself. The day she thought Adam blew up in that cabin should have been the end – everything since has been a mistake. She’s angry at the time she’s wasted on Adam. It doesn’t matter now though – I’m finally free of you. Connor and I will move on to a happy future without you. There’s no turning back now.

Rey’s home to tell Sharon that Adam ran out of the penthouse while he was searching it – knowing I’d find evidence to prove his guilt. Where would he have taken off to? he’s sure Sharon would know.

Nikki will have the chef prepare something special – and then we’ll go shopping. I’ll always be here for you, she promises. After I love you’s are exchanged, Nikki leaves Faith to sob, then grab a bottle from the bar and exit.

Next Week: Chloe’s pissed. You poisoned an innocent man, a police detective no less. Crimes to which she doesn’t appreciate Chelsea making her an accessory to …. A bottle of tequila’s missing from the bar, Nikki tells Sharon. You let my little girl get her hands on a bottle of alcohol!? Sharon’s pissed …. Faith’s in no shape to be driving down the road, yet that’s exactly what she’s doing.