Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Rey has Chelsea blink once for yes, twice for no. No, she hasn’t heard from Adam – if she knew where he was, yes, she’d tell him. When we find him he’ll probably go to prison for a long time, Rey adds. Good, Chelsea’s counting on it. After Rey takes the nurse into the kitchen for some questions, Chelsea sits up, stretches and smiles.

When Mariah drops by the house, Sharon flashes back to Cassie then snaps at Mariah for offering to drive her to the hospital. Mariah knows what this is about – Cassie’s on your mind today and I’m a painful reminder. Sharon’s sorry – she’s terrified. If the worst were to happen – I can’t do it again.

Now with Nick at GCM, Sharon says that Rey’s focussed on finding Adam. Nick hopes he finds (and prosecutes) him. Sharon doesn’t think Nick should hope that Adam’s the one who poisoned Rey – Connor, Chelsea, Victor will be hurt. Name one person who’s better off because of Adam, Nick challenges. Sharon looks down at Faith.

Devon thinks the idea that someone at NE is responsible for Richard’s death insane. It was before Neil worked there, Amanda adds, then mentions a real estate deal that Victor wanted pushed through so went to her grandfather to resolve zoning issues. Devon doesn’t think Victor would murder someone. Amanda’s tempted to take the case; it might be the only chance she gets to connect with her family.

Devon understands that growing up in the foster care system makes Amanda want to be part of a family; something Naya and her family will have considered too. Amanda doesn’t trust easily and has done a good job looking out for herself. Plus, how can she do nothing if her grandfather is being framed, while her Father’s real killer goes free?

At Society for some take-out, Mariah tells Nina and Abby that some kids from school did something horrible to Faith – she took a truck and some tequila – got in an accident – a good samaritan took her to the hospital. As Cassie’s twin, Mariah’s a reminder of Sharon’s loss – she could barely look at me. She’s sad and scared for her little sister (but that won’t shut down Mariah’s reproductive system)

Nick wishes he’d listened to Sharon – about Jordan, about therapy. He’d like to thank and shake the hand of the complete stranger who helped Faith.

Amanda thanks Devon for listening. He asks that she keep him posted on what she decides to do.

Back at the ranch, a worried Nikki goes to make tea while Victor leaves a message for Adam – I’m here for you; you’re not alone.

Done questioning the nurse, Rey rejoins Chelsea to wonder how such a smart woman could trust Adam. And now you’re completely dependent on him – which makes him leaving even more despicable. He’s sorry she’s going through this. After Rey leaves, Chelsea grins – not nearly as sorry as Adam’s going to be.

Sharon and Nick ask Faith to give them a sign that she can hear them. Sharon knows someone who will hear them. Both pray for a few seconds and lo and behold, Faith slowly opens her eyes to bleat ‘Mom, Dad’. Oh sweetie, thank God! Sharon and Nick are overjoyed.