Friday, April 23rd, 2021

Rey loves you – he just needs some time, Nick reassures. Sharon believes Chelsea’s setting Rey up – but that sounds like she’s defending the man who poisoned her husband. Not saying it helps the real culprit get away with it (Sharon’s dilemma)

Faith doesn’t feel like someone who needs to be treated for alcohol abuse. Moses relays what he liked about going to Alateen meetings. His Dad’s life seemed perfect, but it wasn’t. Addiction, drugs, alcohol is nothing to be ashamed of. Not offering to buy me a brownie is.

Nikki arrives on the patio to hear that Faith’s hanging out with Moses. What a welcome site, she smiles as she looks in at the kids enjoying each other’s company.

Back at Society, Billy and Lily discuss mutual satisfaction. Let’s go discuss it more in depth, they leave to get this show on the road. Vikki appears (for her meeting with Ted) Billy’s never been prouder of her. Vikki worries that her Father will use his new company to come after ChanceCom. She dashes Lily’s confidence – you may think you’re a match for him but you’re not.

Of course Nikki’s OK with talking to Faith about her recovery program. Wasting no time, she clip-clops inside to chat with the son of her dear friend Neil. After Moses leaves, Nikki’s happy to hear that Faith’s not as scared of going to Alateen tomorrow (thanks to Moses and her grandma)

Focus on your husband; make him feel like he’s the only thing that matters, Nick instructs Sharon – that’s how he’ll be able to separate his love for you and his hatred for Adam.

Connor is an impressionable boy who loves his Father and has been through a lot, Chelsea knows what it feels like for Rey, being obsessed with Adam – believe me.

Now in their suite, Lily and Billy kiss, remove clothes and hit the bed.

Vikki’s done her meeting at Society when she gets a business alert on her tablet; Victor Newman Finalizes Independent Acquisition of Cyaxares Media. On cue, she gets a call from a reporter looking for a quote. She wishes her Father all the best on his new endeavor and will remain focused on Newman.

Drifting off to sleep with a smile on her face, Lily rolls over. Billy reads the same alert on his phone.

Coming home to an empty house, Sharon sits alone, looking lonely.

Chelsea’s been where Rey is; obsessed with something that slowly takes over her life. Rey’s scared that his loathing of Adam might push him to do something he regrets. It’s not in your DNA; you’re not like the rest of us, Chelsea’s comment makes Rey wonder.

Next Week: The longer this goes on, the more damage it does to my family and reputation. I won’t have that, Victor points a finger at Mike – make sure he finds the culprit …. I know Tara a little better than you do, Kyle trusts her. Really? Even though she’s lied to you before, Summer’s indignant. Lied to you about what? Jack appears to ask… We could use a doctor, Nick comes out to the patio to summon Elena – Faith passed out and we don’t know why.

My Thoughts: Hmmm. I’m not sure if this episode is a day ahead. The Next Week preview usually concludes Thursday’s episode….. Comment of the day goes to Rey – ‘People don’t just disappear’ he says with a straight face. Oh really? Have you seen your boss, the Chief of Police lately? …. Since Chelsea can walk now, why doesn’t she walk herself on over to the door, and lock it – before Victor or someone walks in without waiting for an invitation. And whatever happened to the security camera that was once mounted outside the door? That sure would come in handy. If it disappeared, why wouldn’t Chelsea have Chloe add it to her to-do list; Thallium, steal trinkets from Sharon’s (I wonder if she pulled out her old, black catsuit from when she was playing burglars with Kevin). Oh, speaking of missing things – where’s Ester?