Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

Chloe meets Rey at Society – is everything OK? She assumes he wants to talk about Adam. No, she has no information regarding the case. You have plenty of evidence to put Adam away- what more do you need? Rey’s a thorough guy – before you throw away the key you have to have all the evidence – wouldn’t you agree? Chloe squirms.

Mike’s at the ranch to assure Victor that Rey hasn’t stopped investigating this case and will follow the evidence wherever it leads. He’s aware that Victor believes Chelsea did it. Rey’s focused on the man who kissed his wife, Victor complains. Let the process play out, Mike asks him to trust the system – trust Rey’s instincts. This is damaging to the Newman reputation – find the culprit! Victor orders.

Tara tells Kyle that Ashland plans to go forward with their business deal. Did he admit to forcing plants to close, putting hundreds of employees out of work? No, Tara’s not privy to any of that. She does know one thing – the heart attack changed Ashland into a gentler man. Maybe it’s the meds, Kyle scoffs. No, Tara saw love in his eyes – she’s going to ask him to step back from the business. I love him, she tears up. The Jabot plants will re-open soon. Locke will make Jabot the sole advertiser on his health and beauty platform. Why should my Dad and I believe he’s operating in good faith? Kyle’s skeptical. Trust ME – the heart attack was a blessing in disguise, Tara insists – it changed everything.

Back on the patio, Ester loves being with Bella and Myles but the Chancellor Estate was such a big part of her life. Nina invites Ester to come work there any time she likes. The house misses your special touch. Just a few shifts will bring it back. Ester’s grateful. Nina looks forward to seeing her (though she’ll mostly be writing in the soundproof room she just found out about)

Faith finds a sketch of a crashed truck taped to her locker. What’s that? Moses asks. A keepsake from one of my many adoring fans, she jokes. Don’t let it get to you, Moses says. Faith’s not feeling well – likely nervous about her session later. See you at CL’s later. Now alone, she battles to push the queasiness down.

You spent a lot of time at the penthouse – Rey wonders if Chloe noticed any tension between Adam and Chelsea. Did he act suspicious? Like he was hiding something? Adam’s always suspicious, he’s always hiding something; Chloe’s annoyed by the interrogation. Adam’s a monster – of course he’s guilty, he’s always guilty. Rey wants the truth. Are you accusing me? If so, of what!? Looks like I’ve struck a nerve, Rey observes. Damn right – Chloe’s deeply offended – I’d NEVER protect Adam. Save your interrogation techniques for the guy who poisoned you.

Victor stops by Sharon’s to see how Faith’s doing. She wasn’t feeling well but went to school (and then a meeting) The real purpose for his visit, however, is to ask if she’s had any contact with Adam. Sharon has no idea where he is, but of course she’ll tell Victor if she hears from him.

Kyle rejoins Jack and Summer in the boardroom – the deal’s back on the table as if nothing happened. Ashland’s near death experience changed him. It can happen, Jack’s not sure he wants to partner up with Locke – this could be another play. We’ll also be going up against Victor (if he buys Cyaraxes) Jack’s decision? We have to do this deal with the devil then cut him loose at the first opportunity.

Getting your coffee here (Society) to avoid running into me at CL’s? Sharon wonders if Rey will consider coming home and trying to work things out. If Adam’s found innocent would you look at this situation in a new light? It’s more than that and you know it, Rey states. Yes, but Sharon’s willing to fight for him. He sees that the only reason Adam’s gone from Sharon’s life is because he’s running from the law. That’s what it took to end his crazy hold on you. You’ll never get Adam out of your heart.

Nikki approaches Tara at CL’s – sorry I had to call you with unfortunate news – how’s Ashland doing? Good – Tara’s grateful Nikki called her. She relays a troubling conversation with Billy Abbott – he said Victor took advantage of Ashland to seal the deal. They have a long history of animosity, Nikki poo-poos Billy’s story – he wasn’t there, I was. Tara wants to leave GC and never come back – it’s been one unfortunate incident after another. Oh dear – what else happened? Nikki asks. When Jack appears to ask how Ashland is, Tara bolts. The Locke’s have been playing games with you too? Nikki asks Jack.

Oh, did you book the boardroom? Summer will clear out. Hold up a minute – can we talk? Sally asks.

Jack tells Nikki that he was only a little bit sorry to hear about Ashland’s heart attack. Relay this friendly advice to Victor – get out of the deal if there’s still time.

Victor’s at home moping over a photo of Adam on his phone – willing his son to call him.

Elsewhere, behind some sort of commercial building, Adam reads the headline that Victor’s acquired Cyaxeres. You did it Dad. He’s tempted to call Victor but doesn’t.

Faith meets Nikki and Sharon at CL’s after her meeting. Everyone was so nice. She confided that being bullied makes her want to drink. Other kids feel the same – one guy called it a crutch. Nikki will always support Faith – you won’t have to fight it alone.

Sally’s sure that Summer hates her. Summer tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Sally wasn’t up to anything shady with Jack (but can tell that Summer doesn’t believe that) We’re all judged on our past actions, Summer points out. Yes, but you all got to move on from your past mistakes but no one’s willing to give me that chance, Sally concludes.

Sally’s just trying to clear the air. She remained professional after all Summer and Phyllis did to her. I lost something that meant a lot to me; the man I’d fallen in love with (Jack eavesdrops outside the boardroom)

In TGP lobby, Tara’s on the phone, promising Harrison that his Father will be just fine. I love you more. Kyle listens.

Faith’s feeling nauseous and hot – maybe I should splash some cold water on my face. Nikki and Sharon are alarmed when she faints to the floor.