Friday, April 30th, 2021

Nick pleads with Adam – come to GC or call Sharon – can we just do this? Dad’s jet’s waiting for us. There’s a tornado on the way and Adam’s sorry but can’t take the risk – if he can clear his name maybe he’ll come back. Nick will do whatever it takes to clear Adam’s name.

Moses is so busy Devon barely gets to see him. He’s seeing Amanda (which might seem odd but he doesn’t think of Hilary at all when he sees her) If Devon’s happy, Jack’s happy for him. He looks forward to getting to know Amanda better.

Back at the estate, Nina reassures Abby that it’s OK to be sad; you’re human. Abby misses Chance but counts her blessings and will try to be patient. Nina gets a text – she’s been asked to take a look at the screenplay for an action flick. After Nina excuses herself to call her agent, Abby pouts.

You know me, Nicks implores – there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my kids. And you should know me – we’re at the house of the man I killed, Adam adds – I drove his daughter insane and you probably think I poisoned Rey. You want me to give up my freedom and a kidney and you can’t even be honest with me. Fine, Nick thinks Adam poisoned Rey.

Mariah’s trip was productive but all she can think of is Faith right now. She won’t get better without a transplant. Mariah’s over the morning sickness – or so she thinks until she catches a whiff of the candle Chance sent (which sends her running upstairs gaggling)

You look like you’re a thousand miles away, Devon chats with Elena at CL’s. Moses told him that Faith’s back in the hospital. That family’s been through so much – it’s not fair, Elena’s sad. Devon will say a prayer; for Faith and the doctors doing their best for her.

It doesn’t matter what I think of you – do this for Sharon – you won’t turn your back on her, Nick’s sure. Adam worries that Nick will turn him in after he gets what he wants (a kidney) Nick offers to help Adam escape. His kids’ well-being is the only thing that matters. That’s the only thing we have in common – we both love being Dads. The storm’s getting worse. Do we have a deal? Fine, Adam will go get tested. He’s packing up when the door to the storm cellar slams.

Mariah comes back downstairs feeling better. Abby’s packed her a snack. We never want you to regret your decision. Nina jokes and bites her tongue when Abby forces Mariah to take her snack.

Lola talks about how excited Faith was at the wedding – how happy Sharon was; getting through cancer. Elena knows Sharon would trade places with her daughter in a heartbeat.

As Sharon leaves a message for Nick, he and Adam find themselves stuck in the storm cellar.

Next Week. Rey looks solemn; Sharon, there’s something I need to confess …. Good evening ladies – that cane is a nice touch, Victor comments as he sits in the darkness of the penthouse (when Chelsea comes home) … Nick and Adam are trying to escape from the storm cellar. The clock is ticking! Nick’s determined.