Wednesday, June 2nd

No, Kyle’s not cheating, Summer tells Sharon (who encourages that she can’t choose what others do but can choose how she reacts – do what’s best for you) Yeah, OK, Summer appreciates the advice.

New Hope has accepted our proposal, Adam announces when Victor joins him and Nick at the office. He’s thrilled his sons will be working side by side (they joke about Dad’s dreams coming true) It won’t be boring – there’ll be battles to win, fires to put out – together, Victor gets all sappy.

At the apartment, Billy updates on his run-in with Victor. Lily has news too – Vikki learned that we moved in together. Yes, I did hear – from Lily, Vikki appears in the doorway with a potted plant.

Vikki explains how she overheard Lily updating her address with Sharon. It’s a shame you had to run off, Lily adds. Vikki’s not upset, she’s happy for them. The kids will enjoy visiting here. Go show Vikki the kids room, Lily takes the plant from Vikki (whose sour face does not escape Billy)

Nikki stops by Victor’s office to say she’s looking forward to what he has planned for her birthday. He informs that Adam and Nick are getting along and will be working together. On the name Newman Media, Nikki feels it’s a dig at Vikki (and Newman) but leaves making her own point – Vikki’s doing fine without your advice.

Kyle offers Harrison ice cream – Whaddaya think Mom? Chocolate’s my favourite too. Tara tells Kyle to stay put while she goes to get the ice cream. He and Harrison are both saying ‘Daddy’ when a pouty Summer appears to watch.

Her scowl softening into a smile, Summer’s about to approach Kyle and Harrison when they run off to get their ice cream cones from Tara.

After Vikki leaves, Billy and Lily tease one another. When Lily wonders if Vikki’s seeing someone, Billy hopes it’s not Ashland Locke.

Vikki’s with her Mom at Society – she’s planned a spa day for her Mom’s birthday. Nikki has something serious to discuss. She’s surprised to hear that Vikki already knows and took a housewarming gift over. I’m happy for him, she insists. When Locke stops by long enough to say he’s not good company, Vikki wishes there was something she could do (much to Nikki’s chagrin)

Ashland appreciates the offer and promises to be better company if Vikki will join him for dinner (and Nikki; who makes a point of saying she has plans with her husband) What the hell was that about? she hisses after Ashland leaves. We’re friends, that’s all, Vikki doesn’t sound convincing.

Nick’s at CL’s to admit that Sharon might be the one person who had insight into Adam all along. She thinks him giving Adam a chance is now the one saving his life.

Adam and Victor are back in the office. Tell me what you think, Victor directs Adam to look at the laptop. Adam wants to put a pin in it – we can circle back when the time’s right. Victor disagrees but will let it go for now. Adam’s left to make a call.

Summer stands alone in the park with a forgotten toy in her hand.

Kyle and Tara are back at the house. Harrison’s wiped out, he thinks. Tara knows he’ll get a second wind soon. Kyle’s heart skips a beat when he hears his son laughing, it bursts open when he calls him Daddy. Tara enjoys seeing them bond. Their meaningful look is interrupted by a knock at the door. Ashland needs to speak with his wife – alone.